Get To Know: Indie Dream Pop Songstress Zilpah Louise Releases Brooding New Single ‘Shiny & New’

Female-led alternative music is a genre that has taken the airwaves by storm, and Zilpah Louise is yet another emerging artist adding to this burgeoning scene.

With her debut single, “Slipping Through the Holes,” being released earlier this year, Louise is following it up with “Shiny and New,” which officially hit streaming services today, March 4th.

Louise’s sound could be described as soft and airy, but it simultaneously offers an intense and deep energy as well. She layers her soft voice with its melodies and harmonies with more intense music and instrumentals that create a deep, almost forlorn or melancholy sound. The young songwriter has been compared to the likes of Lucy Ducas and Lana Del Rey.

In an interview with Mundane, Louise shares how she has been writing stories since she learned to read, and has used her music as a way to share her thoughts and feelings with the world. She also tells about how as soon as she realized singing was a way she could share her story with her voice, she started writing songs.

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Louise’s first single, “Slipping Through the Holes,” features a visually intriguing music video as well, creating a much more visceral effect on her art. Along with the music video, she has been posting cover songs on her YouTube for more than two years, sharing inventive versions of songs that inspired her.

The newest single from Louise, “Shiny and New,” sounds like it came straight from an early 2010s Lana Del Rey album, while Louise also stays true to her personal sound. Given the similarities, “Shiny and New” gives the comfort of listening to an old favorite, but the excitement of discovering a new one. Following the release of the single, Louise is expected to drop an EP come spring.

For a ‘shiny and new’ artist like Louise, the only way to go is up, and with her dedication and passion, she is already showing she is on her way.

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