Get To Know: Anchorage Alaska’s Indie R&B Songwriter Medium Build & His New Single ‘Good At Being Lonely’

You’ve got your smaller build, your bigger build, and perhaps most prominently, you have your Medium Build.

And this particular Medium Build hails from The Air Crossroads of The World, Anchorage, Alaska, where you may just get held up in traffic due to a moose crossing or perhaps a gray wolf feasting on the corpse of a lesser beast. (a fella can imagine, right?)

Like many stellar artists, the musical project that is Medium Build cannot be pigeonholed. Sometimes a solo endeavor, sometimes a full band, but at its core, Medium Build is simply a creative sonic outlet producing enticing tracks. Nick Carpenter leads this indie R&B-soaked mission along with anyone else who has fallen into his orbit over the last five years- and anyone that lets him put mics where he wants. 

Carpenter creates a delightfully vintage sound, perhaps something that could be heard at a roller disco in 1979 (but far less gaudy), at least this feels like the case with his newest single, “Good At Being Lonely.” He taps into all kinds of smooth grooves with melodic, flowing lyrics that undoubtedly could be enjoyed by a span of listeners.

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Carpenter is known to maintain an ever-evolving collaboration built around a mutual love of 80s country, grapefruit soda water (we’ll have to find out which brand…), and 90s R&B. He produces deeply layered tracks by inter-mingling raw, emotionally honest lyrics with forging instrumentation. With minimal effort, he blends electronic with analog, and draws the audience into sad songs you can dance to. And you’ve got to love the vision and mantra Carpenter implores, which is “Let’s keep it shitty.”

So dive in and give a listen to the smooth groovin’ single, “Good At Being Lonely.”

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Photo by Quinn Christopherson

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