Get To Know: A Look At Americana Singer-Songwriter Jaron Micah & His New Single ‘Rainy Day’

The new age of wholesome and tender Americana music is here, and Nashville artist Jaron Micah is embracing it with his newest single, “Rainy Day”.

The single strays from Micah’s familiar sound, which typically steers towards Christian lyricism that his EP, Hold Fast, features, but it is a most welcomed departure.

One of Micah’s biggest influences when it comes to his music is his older brother Caleb, who has autism and other disabilities. “Despite the challenges his disabilities bring, Caleb is the center and light of my family and he has taught me so much about love, service, and patience,” says Micah. The young songwriter is also a Belmont University student, which further helps and will continue to help him hone his passion and craft.

For “Rainy Day”, Micah takes more influence from his personal life and the various highs and lows that come with it. The song offers a heartfelt and deeply dramatic feel, and is delivered with raw emotion and feel.

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The all around vibe of “Rainy Day” is set by the beautiful piano and light percussion that lets Micah’s voice be on full display. The guitar also helps to add a little extra something for the listener to be hugged by. The song has many high and low points, just like the points of life that inspired Micah in the first place to write this song.

Another notable aspect of the track is the circle effect that Micah created by beginning and ending “Rainy Day” with the same phrase. It really makes the listener think about the message of the song, resonating on a deeper and lasting level.

As of this writing, March 11th, Jaron Micah’s “Rainy Day” is officially released on all streaming platforms.

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