Folk Singer-Songwriter Micki Balder Deals With The Misery Of Dating In Lighthearted New Single ‘Lonely’

Colorado-based singer-songwriter Micki Balder explores feelings of isolation, heartbreak, and hope in her catchy new single, “Lonely.”

Balder had dabbled in music for most of her life, but according to her website, “It wasn’t until 2018 when a friendship’s moment of truth unveiled itself in the middle of a Denver coffee shop. She walked home, wrote a song, and has been writing ever since.” She now regularly plays venues throughout her home state of Colorado and has been turning heads with her incredibly thoughtful and heartfelt lyricism over her melodic acoustic guitar playing.

“Lonely” is the first single to be released from Balder’s anticipated EP, set to come out later this fall. The song is a noticeable departure from her previously folk-inspired songs. Instead, the new track offers a catchy, laid back, and soulful pop vibe bursting at the seams with grace and positivity despite the title.

The single starts off with Balder reaching out to someone who she sees is painfully lonely, and seems to be in a cloud of heartbreak and depression, which, interestingly, is in stark contrast to the upbeat strumming of her acoustic guitar.

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As the song ramps up, Balder begins to soothe the listener with her uplifting lyrics, singing, “Allow a little sunshine to take you by surprise.” Meanwhile, a funky electric guitar riff fades into the mix and elevates the listener even higher. Throughout the song, her serene and soothing vocals draw similarities to legendary singer-songwriters such as Joni Mitchell and Norah Jones.

In “Lonely,” Balder is able to masterfully reveal her own vulnerability while also uplifting the listener. The song is unapologetically authentic and soulful, and will undoubtedly leave her fans eagerly awaiting her new EP this fall. 

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