Folk N’ Roots Songstress Destinie Lynn Touches On The Daily Struggles Of The Soul On New EP ‘Little Ghost’

Blending traditional American roots music, folk, Americana, and a taste of country into one seamless project, singer-songwriter Destinie Lynn has released her tender new EP, Little Ghost.

The LA based artist dropped her new 5-track collection of songs on October 21st, and between the EP title and her often haunting vocals throughout, it is fitting for a Halloween-time release.

Through these soulful and delicate songs, Lynn is able to tackle an array of challenging and personal subjects such as love, loss, and mortality. In Little Ghost, the listener is able to dive deep with Lynn, and indulge in rich songs that highlight the daily struggles of the human condition.

The EP opens with “Once Twice,” a track full of yearning and nostalgia. Emphasized by the heartfelt violins and picking of the guitar, Lynn shares the pain of being left by a lover. Her somber harmonies light up her lyrics like, “Oh you’ll be sorry someday / If you leave my loving behind.” Through her conversational melody she finds her strength, alluding that the fleeting partner will be more broken without her.

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“Your Street” has a darker feel in contrast to “Once, Twice.” Lynn paints the haunting picture of her crying the name of her lover alone on his street. It is done tactfully through her lyrical imagery, the vibrato of the cello, and the softness of the guitars. The echoing reverb on her voice within parts of the lyrics express the deep distress she feels. The song is able to establish and escalate Lynn’s feeling of passion without taking away from her raw emotions.

The title track, “Little Ghost,” continues to build on that eerie feeling that “Your Street” set up. Lynn’s voice is filtered, and it gives it a slightly uneasy sound, adding to the ghostly essence it encapsulates. In a most melancholy tone, she sings about the control and pleasure she feels watching him, but on the flipside, recognizes that she could not leave even if she wanted to. The violins on this track again highlight the emotion and show the diversity she executes throughout the EP.

The fourth track, “Hard,” highlights the mournful feelings Lynn feels during the aftermath and what makes relationships so difficult. Her smooth vocals and harmonies lull the listener with her softness, yet simultaneously demands attention. The overall production has delightfully swelled instruments, and the movement glides through this confessional song.

The final track, “Canoe & The Sea,” is all about redemption. Lynn’s voice exudes empowerment as she sings about being lost at sea. Despite her trials and tribulations, she has come to terms with reality, and knows she has a shore in her future. Again the cello and guitars add emphasis to her journey and give an uplifting feeling to the inspiring song.

Overall, Lynn is able to capture a tender and vulnerable story of love and loss, and capture the listener for every raw and powerful moment on Little Ghost.

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