First Look: PEI Americana Soul Rocker Andrew Waite To Release New Self-Titled Album

Get up, shake it off, it’s been way too long enough.” These opening lyrics could just as well be used in reference to eager fans awaiting the new album from Canadian singer-songwriter Andrew Waite.

Well the wait is damn near over.

The lyrics are from Waite’s single, “Ain’t Goin’ Out Like That,” which is the inaugural track off of his upcoming self-titled album, set to be released on Turkey Day, November 25th.

In the song, Waite tells the story of going through the motions and letting go of a relationship, but adding an upbeat horn section twisting the song around. Beginning the album with a bang is just what this track accomplishes, and he leaves listeners eager for that same infectious energy. 

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Recruiting the help from Colin MacDonald of The Trews to co-write the project, the two appear to work masterfully together. Notable Irish-Canadian songwriter Irish Mythen says, “Andrew Waite is a born frontman, that goes without saying, but it’s his songwriting craft that sets him apart for me…He just gets it and it’s pure joy to watch live.” 

Waite’s fervor for performing and songwriting naturally flows into each song he creates. The new album embodies the ups and downs of everyday life, yet takes a unique turn with his energetic spirit and lively instrumentation in his production.

Holding a Bachelor’s of Music Education degree from Memorial University and owning a summer rock camp, Island Rock Camps, he has an expansive scope of experience in the music world, and has overseen many projects throughout the years as a music director. 

With a goal of creating meaningful music to inspire his fans, Waite does a damn fine job capturing this sentiment throughout his songs. His single, “Silence,” which is also featured on the album, brings listeners in with a slower and calmer essence to it. Starting off the song with acoustic guitar, it takes you to a place of vulnerability into his love story. Although there was heartbreak, he turns it into a message about hope, stating that he will indeed come back someday. 

“Numb” is another softer melody featuring different elements and textures within his Americana-esque style. With a more detailed story of someone else’s life, it’s as if they’re one and the same. Waite uses a constant instrumental melody that progresses as the story develops and leaves the listener at peace from the middle to end. 

On the back nine of the album, the track “It Won’t Come Easy,” is a reflection of his life and career thus far. Highlighting strings with more of a country feel, he incorporates a female singer, adding more depth to his vocals. With lyrics like, “It won’t come easy living hard or giving it up / You know you can’t outsource a dream / When that darkness makes it too hard to pick yourself up / Are you losing sight of why you wanted it anyway?” he inspires motivation to others pursuing their dreams. He ultimately alludes to whether you pass up your dream or chase it, either path is hard, so do what makes you happy. 

The second to last track on the album, “Dopamine,” is another that stands out. Waite picks the beat back up adding in electric guitar, heavier drums, and more of a gritty rock sound, which definitely pleases the brain. Finally getting the girl, he ends this track in a positive light with hope in his dreams and love. 

Diversifying his career is something he’s dealt with over the years, and he’s still navigating that path today. From sold out rock concerts to intimate acoustic sessions, Waite does it all, and we’ll be keeping an eye on any tour dates in support of the upcoming album. 

So before you succumb to your annual food coma this Thanksgiving (if you’re in America), be on the lookout for Waite’s exciting new record.

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