First Look: Bay Area Indie Singer-Songwriter Roy Lucian Baza Opens Up About Debut Album ‘Roy’

Undeniably inspiring artist Roy Lucian Baza has had quite the journey, and now he’s ready to release his debut album into the world.

Baza, who jumps back and forth between San Francisco and Los Angeles, has been very open with his health struggles related to Glaucoma, an eye disease that has led to multiple surgeries and countless treatments for the artist. While the focus on his health took priority, Baza had to step away from his music- but only for so long.

Since the end of last year, Baza has released multiple singles, including a Christmas single, and three others which are to be featured on his debut album, Roy, set for release this Friday, April 8th.

The emotionally driven “Scars that Bind” is the artist’s debut single, and will also serve as the leading track on the album. Baza has music videos for his released singles, which preview the visual film that will accompany the release of Roy, coming out shortly after. Most recently, Baza released the video for “The Way That I Want You” in early February.

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In preparation for the release of Roy and the accompanying film, we got to learn more about Baza’s story, the new album, and more.

Can you tell us who or what inspired you to start making music, and when you knew you wanted to pursue it professionally?

I’ve been singing since I was 3 years old. Music was always a big deal in my household. I knew I wanted to create from the moment I saw Michael Jackson sing “Man In The Mirror”. That for me was a defining moment of my youth. When I turned 13, I knew I had to set out and do this professionally. There was and still is nothing else I’d rather do. 

And how would you describe your sound and style to those wondering what you’re all about? 

I would describe my sound as a little bit of everything. I don’t like to define myself to one genre. I listen to every genre and it bleeds into everything that I write and create. There is something for everyone within my music.

So I see you have your new album, Roy, dropping April 8th. Is there a common theme or motif throughout?

Yes. Healing and self re-discovery. Obviously my backstory is very complex. From tracks 1-13 these songs take the listener through my journey of healing as I discover who I am now after the fall. 

While it may be like picking a favorite child, do you have a track or two you’re most excited for fans to hear, or that’s perhaps most meaningful to you? 

Track 12. “Memories That Will Stick With Me For Life.” While I am extremely proud of every song on this album, this song is the core of it all. It is my story summarized into 5 minutes. “Memories” is everything I’ve always wanted to say to everyone I love, loved, and lost. I finally get to say it within this song. 

Where was it produced and who helped it come to life?

This song and the whole album was produced at Ranger Station Studios in Malibu by Ben Wilkins. Through it all, he and I brought my story to life. Ben made sure to respect my past and light up my truth in the best way that he could. I couldn’t have done this without him and I’m so lucky that I now have a creative partner, and a brother from our journey making this album. 

How did you go about also creating a visual film to accompany the album, and what was that process like?

My songs are so detailed that they were just calling out to be brought to life for the screen. My creative partner, Anthony Rojas, is one of the best filmmakers out there, and from the moment he drew a storyboard for “Scars That Bind”, the rest was history. Ant knows me better than anyone else, he’s literally my brother, and he made sure the delicacy of my truth was handled perfectly within every detail of the film, therefore making this process one of the best experiences of my life.

How does the visual film coincide with the album? 

The film brings the album to life. For me they are siblings. There may be one plot going on within the record, and one plot going on within my character, “Roy Paco”, but at the end of the day, they have the same kind of meaningful ending. 

You are very open about your battles with Glaucoma. How has battling that illness and getting back on your feet influenced your music?

It 100% influenced my music. This album would have not been made without my experience with Glaucoma. Getting diagnosed with this disease affected me in every way possible. For so long I wasn’t able to pursue this career because of it. But I knew I would find my way back from the inner strength I gained on the roller coaster Glaucoma put me onto. 

Other than health issues, what are some of the most impactful things in your life that inspire your music?

Being 100% authentically myself. Through this album I finally get to showcase sides of myself that were never shown. Be it who I love, and the pain that was inflicted on me when I was a child. I write about everything, and everyone that comes along my journey. Be it a short period of time, or the long haul, I always write about it all.  

What else might you have in store post-album release? Touring, working on the next album, etc.?

I really want to tour. I think a handful of live performances are in the cards, then hopefully a tour of sorts. I am back in the studio in May to record the expanded edition of “Roy” that will be released on vinyl in the last quarter / first quarter of 2022 / 2023. And of course, I’m already writing my next album. As for the immediate aftermath of the release, you can catch me live at the iconic Viper Room in Los Angeles on April 15th.

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