Exclusive: Electro-Pop Singer-Songwriter Biletska To Release Ethereal & Anthemic New Single ‘Changes’

Time goes too fast, so why should we live with pain, dissatisfaction, or loneliness / It all can change / It’s up to us to when and how.” These thought-provoking lyrics from singer-songwriter Biletska’s upcoming single, “Changes,” leaves you feeling bold, empowered, and ready to take on anything. 

Originally from Ukraine, Biletska has since moved to Nashville to pursue her singing career. As a child, she spent her time in choir, drawing illustrations of her dreams, and aspiring to move to America for creative freedom. Leaving her little town behind at just 18, she was able to work and travel through a program at her university that first took her to New York City. Receiving this experience expedited her growth tremendously, and she then finished her degree in Tour Management while pursuing music and performance back in Ukraine. 

After working day in and day out, she was accepted on The Voice while also gaining an offer to tour Europe with Michael Angelo Batio, a heavy metal guitarist. Once the short term contract was over, she had another offer for a year-long contract in the United States. Finally receiving her visa, she was able to follow her dreams, and had the chance to release her recorded music as a solo artist. 

Releasing her first single just last year, she already has an electric and thrilling style that is true to her courageous personality and pop artistry.

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In her newest release, “Changes,” coming out tomorrow, August 20th, she conveys a soft, gentle melody with endearing and strong vocals in the opening of the song that soon grows and evolves as the track goes on. The beat picks up and a strong chorus crashes in with unshackled lyrics. Slowly adding in more instrumentation and electronic tones, her vocals shine and progress even further. Adding a stimulating guitar solo towards the end, she knows exactly what to place in order to set the bar even higher in her music. 

Breaking barriers in Music City, she’s currently collaborating with other Nashville artists as well as creating her own new music. Providing hope, evolution, and a space to feel okay about making mistakes and experiencing growth, this single is a testament to her own musical journey, while also relating to any of our personal journeys. 

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