Traditional Country Singer-Songwriter Erin Viancourt’s New Single, ‘Playin’ Old Records’

Who: Erin Viancourt

What: Debut Single, “Playin’ Old Records”

Where: All music streaming platforms (!!)

When: September 20, 2019

About The Release: “Playin’ Old Records” is my debut single. Since 2014, I have been waiting to have something I can hand to anyone and say “this is me, this is my music.” This song was co-written with Texan Breann Young, who is not only one of my closest and dear friends, but someone I revere and look up to as a songwriter. I am so proud of the music we make together and am so happy to finally be able to share it with all of my friends and supporters. 

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What’s Next: My next single is set to release towards the end of the fall season with a Christmas single to follow. Plans are in the works to record more songs in the Spring of 2020. I hope  to complete an EP, and I could not be more excited to get back in the studio with this team I have behind me!

My Three Records on a Desert Island:

1. RCA Country Legends- Keith Whitley 

2. Any Desert Rose Band Album – pick anyone and send it to me

3. Best of Don Williams Vol II

If I Could Open For Anybody, It’d Be: Willie Nelson

Musical Pet Peeve: When I’m told something won’t work without trying it

First Thing I’ll Do When I Hit The Big Time:  Buy my mom whatever brand new car she wants. (Love you, Janey!)

Favorite Thing About Nashville Other Than Music: If you come from somewhere else, you only gotta register your car once every three years.

Closing Words: Turn it up, LOUD! 

For more info on Erin and her music, check out her website HERE.

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