Episode 4: Soul Pop Songstress Jess Nolan Joins Us On An East Nashville Deck In Our Latest Installment Of ‘Decent Exposure’

Welcome back to another episode of what should maybe probably not be an award-winning miniseries, Decent Exposure.

This time around, we bring in Nashville soul pop songstress Jess Nolan, who recently dropped her new album, From Blue To Gold.

We also switched locations, and this time find ourselves on a lovely back deck in East Nashville. Sound for this episode (and the next) was provided by the talented William Felix Hunt, who helped provide sound at Mercy Lounge and High Watt among other notable gigs.

Taken from Nolan’s bio for further insight: “Jess Nolan’s long-awaited debut LP chronicles an overarching shift in perspective through the lenses of romantic love, the realities of stepping into womanhood unapologetically, and ultimately, gratitude for self-acceptance. Her confidence brimming, she proudly took the lead as creative force behind art direction for the visual content on the upcoming project. “From Blue To Gold” is a timeless reminder that through the convergence of intuition and skill, there is an undeniable beauty in art that honestly reflects the human experience.

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Note: Originally filmed in mid-August.

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