Eclectic Indie Pop-Rock Songwriter Motorbike James Drops Groovy New Single ‘TRUCK’

With an entertaining mix of elements like rock, electro-pop, psych-rock, and even R&B, Motorbike James hits the listener full-force with his emotive and diverse songwriting style.

Hailing from Edmonton, Canada, Motorbike James is the alias of multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter, and producer Michael Werbicki. His debut single, “me Roll,” landed on Spotify’s “Fresh Finds” and “Study Break” playlists, helping garner the momentum that led to the release of his stunning debut album, VIISIONS

The latest continuation of James’s vision is the newly released summer groove, “TRUCK,” which dropped July 6th.

It’s the perfect example of the wide-ranging and varied sound that James has polished. It proves that electronic-affected drums and bendy pedal steel-sounding guitar tones can indeed go together like PB&J. It’s a catchy jam that uniquely captures the idea of cruising around in your car or, yes, your truck with all the windows down and the summer air rushing in. The song’s structure is free flowing and encapsulates the stream of consciousness approach that James utilizes in his writing.

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What results is a summer jam for the ages.

An important aspect of James’s persona and music is the careful craft of the visual elements related to his music. A lot of creative aesthetic thought goes into the photos, teasers, and music videos that accompany each release. From this aesthetic and music combo, you can see that Motorbike James is one to live in the moment. Hence the moniker that is reminiscent of a stuntman’s name, which makes sense given the boundless style in his music. Yet, with all of these adrenaline-inducing elements, there is also an approach that reflects the soft side found in his sultry vocals.

Motorbike James is the kind of unpredictable and unique artist that’s a blast to follow, and “TRUCK” is the latest example. 

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