Dream Pop Songstress Sukhmani Explores Presence & Self-Reflection On Debut EP ‘Here’

“I guess I’m everybody’s best friend but my own.”

These introspective lyrics from indie pop songstress Sukhmani’s March single, “Everybody’s Best Friend,” reflect relatable feelings for many.

And on April 1st, Sukhmani expanded on her popular single with the release of her debut EP, Here.

In the infectious track, “Everybody’s Best Friend,” – which also kicks off the new album – Sukhmani discusses the honest, gut-wrenching feeling of treating people in your life with unwavering kindness and persistent availability for everyone except yourself.

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Throughout the new EP, Here, the songwriter experiments with the music that she grew up with in the UK as well as sounds from her culture to create a unique sonic tapestry all her own. And not only are her melodies magnetic, but her words and vocal delivery are strong and vibrant.

Sukhmani was born into a Punjabi immigrant family in the United Kingdom, and grew up in Leeds where she was surrounded by the sounds of her Punjabi Sikh family, the Afro Caribbean community, and the city’s thriving music scene. She now brings her rare understanding of rhythm and percussion to her own music, delivering sultry vocals over deep, driving beats.

The endearing artist explores themes of authentic self-awareness and playful self-reflection, and delivers her thoughtful lyrics with a striking sonic radiance that resonates with the listener. “More than anything it has been a way to learn to express myself and build a way to connect with people authentically from the heart,” she says.

With her whimsical writing style and deep introspection, Sukhmani has the ability to discuss deeper topics in an optimistic light and do so with instrumentation that is sure to touch listeners far and wide. Her new 5-track album is a testament to this.

Here is available on all streaming platforms.

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