Down The Rabbit Hole: Nashville Space Pop Songstress Candace In Wonderland Drops Newest Single ‘Pipe Dreamzzz’

Taking her music to a soulful and ethereal level, Candace Brown, also known as Candace in Wonderland, creates a bedroom-dream-pop sound that is sure to entice with its originality and charm. As an artist living with West Coast roots in Middle Tennessee, her style uniquely blends different styles that represent her truths and fosters authentic storytelling. 

Taking a slower and lyrically deep approach to pop music, her 2018 release, “Hollow”, is a heartfelt and vulnerable single about not knowing the person you see in the mirror. The strong yet gentle piano ballad is a beautiful companion to her smooth and dreamy vocals singing about keeping character true to who you are. Opening with, “I give myself away to everyone I meet/In hopes that someone might just like what they see…/What am I trying to prove, who am I trying to please?”, the verses perfectly set up the chorus to explain feelings of emptiness and living without a sense of who you are anymore. 

In her early 2020 single, “Hot Mess”, Brown sings over the haunting electronic pop melody, “I’m callous and addictive/And I’m not my only victim/I don’t care/There I said it”. The already bold production and lyrics are soon added onto at the end with an electronic beat which creates a different take, moving into the dance world.

Closing out 2020 with “Sign on (Love Looks Better on the Screen)”, the similar chilling feeling remains with the lower toned and dramatic instrumentals. The darker themes show a stark contrast from where her music originally started. 

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Her newest single, “Pipe Dreamzzz”, which dropped this past Friday, offers a more laid-back and chill vibe, her dreamy and infectious melodies creating a lighter and bouncier effect within the pop world. It transcends you to a different atmosphere that many pop songs fail to do.

“Pipe Dreamzzz” captures the feeling of floating on air or dancing on the ceiling. “Caught up in a pipe dream, might be, dancing on the ceiling, feeling so floored/ Woke up in a pipe dream, low key, I’ve been on an off-swing, feeling unsure”, is the chorus that can make you dance even when you’re all alone. The addictive feel-good tune takes you to outer space with the amount of celestial-pop energy that oozes throughout. Bad moods take a backseat when this song is turned up, taking you higher into the clouds.

The song closes with a casually whimsical production of her voice singing, “Turn on the light and take a ride to where you want to go”. The dreams are limitless, and a world of possibilities in which to escape is revealed within her music.

Candace in Wonderland offers a refreshing take on modern pop music, and is one to keep an eye on in the Nashville scene and beyond.

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