Road Worn Rebels: Country-Western Rockers Rylan Brooks Drops Newest Revved Up Single ‘Abilene’

Longtime country troubadours Nate Rylan and Chris Brooks have joined forces, creating the country-western band, Rylan Brooks.

The duo’s chemistry is evident from the jump, perhaps due to their mutual beginnings hauling cargo, which soon led the pair to a different kind of roadshow; performing lively, irreverent outlaw country in cities across the nation. 

Their brand of Americana takes the listener back to the traditional sound of country music, while providing honest lyrics sung seemingly through a wink and a smirk. Rylan Brooks has also recaptured the distinct type of storytelling country music was once synonymous. Much of their catalogue is anchored by a reminiscent, train-like steady guitar with melodies undoubtedly inspired by the heavyweight artists of 60s and 70s Nashville.

However, the way in which this band chooses to humorously address certain matters in song is perhaps what allows them to be starkly set apart from the rest. Even their deeper, philosophical works are written with a “read-between-the-lines” lightheartedness that lingers long after the song concludes; an unmistakably effective approach, evocative of contemplation by the listener. Though Rylan Brooks are energetic performers with a clear vision of their live persona, their content is solid — a perfect balance for fans wanting to revisit the band’s music independently of a show. 

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“Abilene,” the newest single from Rylan Brooks, stays true to the comedic delivery and the nostalgia these guys aim to preserve, yet has a surprisingly encouraging message that cuts through to the audience with precision. From the perspective of their days hauling cargo, the song compares the exhaustion of the road to the weariness of life’s demands while battling the universal notion to surrender. 

The storyteller explains how to fight the desire to give up by imagining the ultimate payoff; an arguably straightforward account that can be broken down metaphorically as well. This single is a ruggedly packaged reminder to continue fighting for one’s greater goal. “Abilene,” gives unapologetic permission to revisit one’s beginnings, but only long enough to refuel for the drive onward.

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