Carolina Country: Diamonds & Whiskey Release Anthemic Rock-Fueled New Single ‘Walk Hard’

One of North Carolina’s favorite country-rock bands, Diamonds and Whiskey, describe themselves as “a combination of barroom beauty, backwoods danger, beauty queen, and hell-raiser alike.” Their boot-stomping, hillbilly outlaw sound is back in their second release of 2021, “Walk Hard.”

“Walk Hard” has a sound that falls somewhere between Carrie Underwood and AC/DC- swampy, gritty, and red-hot. A classic song about a cheater, the single has a devastatingly honest perspective. Passionate, powerful, raspy lead vocals with a rock timbre, rich and heavy guitar, and a bright banjo work together to create a bayou-seasoned “Before He Cheats”-esque anthem. 

Badassery knows no bounds with vocalist Jennifer Lauren: mother, entrepreneur, cancer survivor, Lyme disease survivor, songwriter, and frontwoman extraordinaire. Lauren first discovered her love for piano at age four, and vocal abilities at the age of eight, receiving classical training. In 2014, these talented melded together to create her unique, refreshing, powerful sound that takes inspiration from Dolly Parton, Heart, Tori Amos, and Rob Thomas to name a few. 

“My songs come from real life,” Lauren says. “They come directly from my soul, inspired by things I’ve lived through. I think that’s what makes them resonate with people because others share the same feelings and emotions I write about.”

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Diamonds and Whiskey’s hard Americana sound is scorching and high-voltage, yet remains versatile and unique. This versatility and raw talent allow the band to not only cover songs such as AC/DC’s “TNT” and the Charlie Daniels Band’s “The Devil Went Down to Georgia”, but to also be nominated and awarded a variety of accolades. In 2019 and 2020, the group was recognized for fifteen awards, including four 2019 Carolina Country Music Awards nominations, Women of Country’s  Best of 2020 Top 10 Group, and three #1 singles. 

The band is a driving force behind Carolina’s country-rock scene, and “Walk Hard” stands as a testament to that. The single, recorded and produced by Eddie Z at The Vault studios, is a rockin’, NOLA-rooted tune that’s sure to please the ears of rock and country fans alike.  

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