Colorado Roots N’ Folk Singer-Songwriter Sunny Gable Releases New Album ‘Contagious’

Beginning to read sheet music at age 4, Sunny Gable grew up singing and playing the violin along with other instruments, acknowledging that music was her calling. The Colorado Americana artist continued to find her passion and voice through music lessons, open mics, and playing in bands.

After joining UC Denver’s gypsy swing subgroup, Paramicci, Gable started her own gypsy swing project, ‘A la Cote’. From 2013-2015, they performed as part of The Great Contention, playing fiddle/mandolin/vocals. Stepping out and crafting her own band soon after, Sunny & The Whiskey Machine released their New American Dream EP in 2017, followed by the 2019 EP, Live at the Tucson Folk Festival

Deciding to continue her musical journey as a solo artist, 2019 also saw the release of her first album, Audience of One. The folk country project features “One of These Days” and “Sweeter Than a Song (Finn’s Lullaby)”, sweetly carrying you back to your roots. The single, “Dear Dad” also released that year, recalling moments and words she wishes she could say now. Following in 2020, her Little Things EP shows more of a singer-songwriter country style, as the title track brings to the forefront little gems that may normally be overlooked. 

Contagious is Gable’s latest project that was fully developed in her basement studio as a continuation of her quarantine sessions. Collaborating with other musicians and mixing new songs with ones she has played for years, she shared, “It’s been a real learning experience piecing this album together with other musicians at a safe distance. But a deeply satisfying one.”

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A concept that greatly influenced Gable’s writing was the idea of connection and energy given and taken to and from the universe, as well as connections with moon phases, deeper love, and missing relationships throughout isolation. The album is a combination of thoughts and experiences that she heavily sits on, with the title track as a representation of the whole. The free-spirited tune takes a deeper and spiritual look at life as she sings, “Maybe there’s a God above, next to a river of His endless love/Maybe He’s ashamed of what we’ve done…Let’s take the time to break bread with our neighbors”. 

Also featured on the album is the song, “Until We Meet Again”, released along with a music video that brings you to her home and family. It captures the feelings everyone went through last year, missing loved ones and wishing to see them once more. Her raw vocals and folk acoustics create a simpler form of country that runs throughout the collection of songs, out right on time as she gets the show back on the road with a few performances lined up out west.

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