Country Pop Songwriter Chelsea Rae To Release Her Latest Single, ‘Lips of a Liar’

Led by snare drums, dark piano and a soft acoustic guitar, Chelsea Rae’s newest single, “Lips of a Liar,” is the follow-up to her 2018 single “Revival.” “Lips of a Liar” symbolizes a change for Rae, for it’s her most somber and moody song yet. 

Now a Nashville native, Rae moved to Music City from the Midwest at the age of 20 to pursue music. So far, this has proven to be the right move, as her song, “25,” was the winner of the Josie Music Award’s Female Modern Country Song of the Year.   

Fans of Carrie Underwood, Sara Evans, and George Strait will feel right at home listening to Chelsea Rae’s songs of love, lies, secrets, and coming of age. 

As this is typed, “Lips of a Liar” will hit streaming services tomorrow, February 28th.

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Who: Hey, I’m Chelsea Rae from a small town called Metamora, Illinois, population 3,500, and I am the baby of the family. I have two older sisters and one brother: we are all half brothers and sisters. I am a huge animal lover and I have two horses- (Jewel & Jr.) and one dog who I’ve had since I was 16 (Bryson). I started writing songs at the age of 12 when I was struck with a mysterious undiagnosed illness. I just wrote everyday and it was so therapeutic for me, when I was too weak to do anything, I would write, and then my mom got me my first guitar when I was fifteen because she wanted to see a smile on my face again. Then she got me into guitar lessons for six months. My mom moved me to Nashville at the age of twenty to pursue my music career. It’s been such an incredible journey and I am truly blessed to be where I am today.  

What: My Brand New Single, “Lips Of A Liar”

When: Friday, February 28, 2020

About the release: “Lips Of A Liar” is about love, lies, betrayal and heartbreak. Caught up in a relationship that was so passionate, the adrenaline rush feeling but uncovering the truth. It’s about being naive and being manipulated: not seeing those red flags unraveling all the secrets and lies. 

Whats Next: “Lips Of A Liar” is my third single, but this single is different than anything I have ever done as a project. The lyrics, melodies, the tone. My next step is going to be writing more new songs, start writing for my first full-length record. This whole journey of making music has been incredible and I soak up every moment and never take it for granted. I can’t wait to see what the next few months are going to bring. 

Best part about working with Chey Rose and Kenny Royster: The best part about working with Chey is I can take an idea to her and she can just turn that idea into something so much more. Chey is creative and comes up with unique melodies. It’s rare to find someone that sees the same exact vision you have for a song. I would say the best part of working with Kenny is that he is so easy to work with, and he teaches me new different ways to sing a line. He truly is one of a kind, and he brings each of my songs to life and sees something different that I didn’t see, and makes the song even better than I could have imagined it. I’m truly blessed to work with Chey and Kenny.

Three records on a desert island: My three records on a desert island would have to be Sara Evans album Stronger. Halsey’s new record, Manic, and Carrie Underwood’s Cry Pretty. That record is so raw and strips down every piece of life. It is inspiring, and when you’re vulnerable and release that to the world it’s rewarding to see how everyone else can interpret their own story. 

Favorite thing about Nashville other than music: My favorite thing about Nashville is everyone knows everyone. I love that it is a small town and so welcoming and warm. There is never a dull moment. 95% of the time there is always some kind of event going on. I love the southern feel Nashville brings along with the hospitality people have shown other people- kind, genuine and real. 

Favorite artist of 2019: That is a hard one. I have so many favorite artists of 2019, but I would say my top favorite artist is Carrie Underwood. She is real and authentic, down to earth, and inspiring through her music, but also as a normal human being. 

Favorite way to spend a Friday night: I would have to say my favorite way to spend a Friday night is having a girls night, listening to music, or at home watching hopeless romantic movies, drinking red wine and putting on face masks. 

Favorite place to eat in Nashville: There are so many good places to eat in Nashville it’s almost limitless, but my favorite place is Virago. I love sushi and Virago has the best sushi in Nashville. 

Last movie or TV show you watched: The last movie I watched was The Notebook. I am a sucker for hopeless romantic movies, but what I love most about The Notebook is seeing a real love last, through all of the ups and downs and hard times 30 years later still in love, just like it was when they first met. 

Something most people don’t know about you: No one believes me, but something most people don’t know is that I was a tomboy when I was younger. I would dirt bike, fish catch little fish and throw them back into catch a bass. I would catch baby turtles with my bare hands, make snowboards out of my skateboard. I was fearless then, now if you asked me to do that stuff now I would say YOU’RE CRAZY. 

Where you hope to be in five years: In the next five years I am hoping to be signed to a label, going on tour and sharing my heart, my story, my songs with the world. I hope to inspire them to chase after your dream. Anything you go, through no matter what it is, you can still achieve your dreams. 

Closing words: Thank you for letting me wear my heart on my sleeve and share some personal things and be real. That’s all I ever want to be is real: real with my music, my lyrics. Music is my life and keeps me fighting every day. I am incredibly blessed and grateful for everything that has happened in my career. I wouldn’t change one thing.

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