Canadian Soul Rocker Jesse Roper Releases Energetic New Video Single ‘Hold On Me’

With his soulful vocals and magnetic musicianship, Canadian singer-songwriter Jesse Roper is sure to have a “hold on you”. 

Roper’s road to retro soul and rock n’ roll was a little different than most musicians, however. His father bought him a guitar for his sixth birthday, but unfortunately due to stage fright, the first time the songwriter performed publicly was in his late twenties. Roper worked many other jobs before he decided to pursue a career in music full-time, and he remembers “being busy, but not happy.” 

In 2015, Roper’s career took off with a bang after he performed a sold-out show in British Columbia with the release of his second studio album, Red Bird. Following this performance, he became known for his eclectic, energetic and entertaining live performance, and has been touring throughout Canada ever since. The songwriter’s days of stage fright holding him back have been merely a distant memory.

Roper’s soulful voice and lively band have been waiting to get back on the scene since the pandemic, and have finally made their way back with their newest single, “Hold On Me”.

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The vibrant and soulful rock and roll track – which is part of a three-song EP – tells the story of his limitless adoration for his significant other, as he sings about the vice grip she has on his heart. He passionately vocalizes their life-changing love, with notable lines like, “And then I submitted / And it all became / And from that moment on / I was never ever the same”.

“Hold On Me” has its own riveting official music video, which depicts Roper singing with his band in a church and leading a revival-style service. The church is filled with a congregation raising their hands and singing about the hold that their lovers have on them as the band plays on with style and endless energy.

Roper’s newest single, “Hold On Me,” has been available for listening on all streaming platforms since January 21st.

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