Canadian Performing Artist & Indie Songwriter Sister Swire Releases New Single ‘My Sister Is A Butcher’

If you want evocative avant-garde artistry in your life, Sister Swire is sure to hijack your heart and your stereo. 

Singer and songwriter Sarah Swire – aka Sister Swire – spent her formative days growing up in Canada, and quickly devoted herself to the fine arts in every shape and form. She became something of a jack of all trades, as she made her mark as an actress, choreographer, and musician, eventually finding herself on tour with the band Belle and Sebastian immediately following her graduation from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland.

By the age of 25, she had creatively directed, choreographed and played sold-out shows at Radio City Music Hall, Red Rocks Amphitheater in Colorado, Scotland’s Olympic Hydro Stadium and Glastonbury Music Festival. As a music director, Swire has arranged and composed original music for the BBC, Avalon Arts and The National Theatre of Scotland.

In terms of her sense of artistry, Swire parallels her devotion to creating art to an addict needing a fix. “I always knew I would pursue art. I always knew I would become an addict.”, says Swire. On the opposite end of the situation, she still agrees:  “I always knew that I was going to become an addict. I always knew I was going to become an artist.” 

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Sister Swire’s newest single, “My Sister Is A Butcher,” dropped this past Friday, February 11th, and offers a Dylan-esque vocal style to this artsy acoustic indie rock track. Her lyricism is vivid and comes to life in this eerily exciting song, thanks in part to the help of producer Joel Plaskett.

A notable verse of Swire’s penmanship in this track is around the 2:00 minute mark where she sings, “No we’re not blind she’s killing time / And time has murder on the mind / She slurs her words we bat an eye she fills back up,” before an instrumental breakdown. Swire’s folksy and eccentric lyrics mixed with her avant-garde musical swagger makes her an act that fans feel just as much as they hear.

If you’re looking for a healthy dose of new indie music that’s off the beaten path, Sister Swire can be found lurking in the nearby woods.

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