Buffalo Country & Folk-Rock Group The John Daniels Band Release New Single ‘I Don’t Want To Cry’

Weaving together ideas of love and loss, John Daniels Band captures audiences with the raspy and comforting vocals over lyrical storytelling. Comprised of John Verbocy (frontman), Kevin Urso, Mike Wagner, Ryan Campbell, and Nick Randall, the band is a culmination of all of Verbocy’s compositions as a musician and singer along with production from Urso. Unlike much music heard today, their genuine and unfiltered sound has brought them to countless live performances, with new music on the horizon. 

The band recently released a duo, featuring their newest single, “I Don’t Want to Cry”. Explaining the meaning behind the single, Verbocy shared, “Coming to the end of a relationship is the hardest thing to admit to ourselves and our own stubbornness can hinder our growth. But when you finally let go after time there is still a special bond with a lost love”. 

A smooth acoustic blend of country, folk, and rock, the band hopes that it gets listeners reflecting on the messages portrayed through their lyrics. The bridge opens with, “But there is something we all lose along the way/ If tomorrow isn’t certain, what are your plans to do today?”, as the dynamic instrumentals progressively build up with a raw and powerfully backing piano piece. 

The Killing” became their debut single release at the end of 2019. The chilling rock track has a slow and eerie melody that contrasts to their following single, “Left or Right” that brings crisp and soul-satisfying acoustics. Understanding that music is a gift from God, Verbocy explained his words come from prayer sometimes, and has also been inspired by singing in church when he was younger, which reflects in this tune. 

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Followed by “Fox and Hare”, the stripped-down rock sound accentuates the warm and raspy vocals that add another layer of emotion, leading into “Told You 1000 Times” and “Is There Something Wrong”, which adds a bit more soothing heart and soul to their catalog.

Vibrant and feel-good, the band loops back to alternative pop-rock, with “Sunshine” and “Life is a Joke”. A lighthearted breath of fresh air, the latter sings, “We’re always blessed/And I’m thankful that you’re still around with a sound, body, and mind of soul/And don’t you think it’s about time you let it shine”. 

The calming and introspective new duo release is a tease for their upcoming debut album, which is expected very soon. As Verbocy put it, listeners can look forward to a passionate and authentic project that truthfully represents the band and the stories they aim to tell. In the meantime, you can get to know the band more by checking out the Q&As on their website.

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