British Columbia Folk Singer-Songwriter Etienne Siew Gets Up Close & Personal On EP ‘Better Man’

Hailing from the “West Coast” (of British Columbia, that is), comes personal storyteller Etienne Siew, who shares his vulnerability as he strives to be a “better man.”

Siew prides himself on the simple things in his life: his love for music, the great outdoors, and his “affinity for storytelling”. He allows these values to come to life and express themselves through song in his 2019 studio release, Better Man.

With this release, it is easy to tell that the songs involved are a part of Siew’s soul. He describes his EP as, “a storybook of warm tones,  powerful vocals, and acoustic melodies, that sheds light on the topics of love, friendship, adversity and the beauty of the West Coast”.

The six-track studio release gives Siew’s listeners a glimpse into his soul and what the world looks like standing in his shoes. The track, “Better Days Ahead,” was the first single from the EP and was written from Siew’s own adversity, but holds a universal message. Upon its release, it has delivered hope to others during the pandemic, and to his dear friend who found solace in the piece while battling and overcoming cancer.

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Next is “Courtenay Shorelines”, which is Siew’s Ode to British Columbia and his love for the beaches on the West Coast. Another standout track, “She’s the One for Me”, discusses his Trinidadian Heritage and tells the story of how he believes his paternal grandparents met and fell in love. Finally, the EP’s title track, “Better Man,” is Siew’s personal soliloquy; he becomes introspective and evaluates the relationships he has had in his lifetime and says that they were all valuable . . . and that sometimes, partners go their separate ways, and that’s more than okay.

Before the tragic beginning of the global pandemic in March of 2020, Siew had big dreams to tour his LP across British Columbia, Vancouver Island, and eventually, the rest of the world. However, Siew’s luck began to look up toward the end of that year. Siew landed a week-long-residency of shows across the Sunshine Coast and Vancouver Island alongside local artist Graham Strang which he called, “The Better Days Ahead Tour” –– a perfect title due to the tumultuous effects of the pandemic.

Siew also won his category of Country/Roots Artist of the Year at The Fraser Valley Music Awards, along with the Top Fan Vote, and in listening to Better Man, it comes as no surprise.

With his folk acoustic sound, excellent finger picking, and personal lyricism, Canadian singer-songwriter Etienne Siew is sure to have “better days ahead”.

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