Bristol Rhythm & Roots Reunion Artist Spotlight: Local Favorites Annabelle’s Curse

With an energetic mix of mandolins, drums, synth, and exciting effects pedals, Annabelle’s Curse has built up a devoted fan base across the southeast and beyond.

The band has toured extensively over the years, supporting acts such as Anderson East, Humming House, The Black Lillies, Birds of Chicago, and HoneyHoney. 

The indie rock band consists of Tim Kilbourne (vocals, banjo, guitar), Carly Booher (vocals, mandolin), Zack Edwards (guitar), Travis Goyette (drums), and Kirk Bagnall (auxiliary percussion).

The group has been at it since 2010, and during that time, they have put out a quality catalog of music. They’ve released five full-length albums and one EP. Their most recent album release was in 2020, with Vast Oceans. Kilbourne describes the album as “complex”, as it tackles many themes throughout its 11 songs. He states that, “Even though this is our fifth album, it’s the album I am most satisfied with.”

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In 2021, they put out a four song EP, Better For Your Health, which consists of remixes to songs that were featured on previous albums. The remixes were done with Idle Tones, who describes himself as someone who “blends the sounds of synth-heavy electronic music.”

Being Bristol locals, they’ve been considered a staple at the Bristol Rhythm and Roots Reunion, as they’ve played there over the past decade. “Bristol is our hometown, so that makes it extra special and also impossible to make it down State Street without seeing everyone you have ever met. It really is like a family reunion for our corner of the musical world, and we are so grateful to be back,” they told us.

In 2019, the band recorded their single “You and Me Forever” at the Classic Recording Studio in the heart of the festival.

They went on to say, “Bristol’s musical tradition has helped give us a platform over the years. The festival has been really important in showing the world how rich Bristol’s musical history is and how much we have to offer now.” 

When asked if they had any new songs or fun covers to perform, they said, “We released an album called Vast Oceans in 2020 but weren’t able to tour for it due to the pandemic. We are definitely breaking out some new covers and some stuff from our first two albums for the die hard fans out there.” The band is currently working on a new album at their home studios, and will look to hit the road on tour in due time.

Annabelle’s Curse will be playing Saturday September 10th at the 7th Street Stage from 4:45pm -5:45pm.

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