Bandcamp Introduces Listening Parties For Releases

Whether you’re premiering a pre-order, celebrating release day, or commemorating a previous release, a Bandcamp Listening Party is an appealing and organic way to share your album with your fans.

Artists can listen to their album together with supporters and interact with them through a live chat throughout the duration. This will ideally inspire a richer connection and more sales.

Fans can pre-order or purchase the album in all available formats directly from the Listening Party. At showtime, the album plays once from start to finish, and features the full tracklist and liner notes. Live chat lets you share the story behind the music and celebrate your release in a more substantial way.

You can indulge in fans’ reactions in real-time while experiencing the album together. It’s a unique way to spread the word and feel like you’re really getting something back. It offers another avenue as opposed to just another social media announcement that gets lost in the shuffle. Listening Parties can help capture the attention your album deserves.

Free shipping and the guaranteed lowest price as

Listening Parties provide a solid companion to a pre-order. You can offer fans a limited opportunity to hear your entire album before it’s available anywhere else, and drive pre-orders directly from the event.

Set a date and time, and Bandcamp takes care of the rest. They feature your merch and invite all of your Bandcamp followers, so you can just hang out in the chat and enjoy the intimate event with your community.

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