Australian Indie Pop Singer-Songwriter Olivia De Melo Releases Tender New Single ‘I Need You’

From her passions for poetry, to her coming-of-age songwriting career, Perth native Olivia De Melo is an artistic jack of all trades.

De Melo discovered her love for making music in an interesting and more off-the-beaten path way. While at home in Perth, she found an old notebook of hers that was filled with poetry from her high school days. De Melo remembered the joy and passion that came from writing poetry, and longed to feel that way again. She soon picked up the guitar and started putting the words from her poems over her strumming. Before long, she knew she had something special and meaningful.

De Melo’s hauntingly soulful new single, “I Need You,” which dropped January 19th, discusses the intense and natural feeling of needing your significant other during especially difficult times. 

“‘I Need You’ is more of a feeling than a topic,” says De Melo. “That emotion of feeling ‘trapped in the space’ of darkness, lost, and the only thing to pull you out is that significant someone.” 

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De Melo’s siren-like vocals truly convey the melancholy feelings of loss and doubt without your partner, and its somber and tender mood is sure to strike a chord. The gentle acoustic opening soon leads into a sweeping percussion, but the star of the show is undoubtedly De Melo’s gleaming vocal prowess throughout.

“I Need You” is definitely a solid add for any and all sad/breakup-style playlists.

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