Premiere: Austin Singer-Songwriter Scott Collins Drops Tender New Single In ‘Her Favorite Song’

An artist that has built his career on heartfelt storytelling that offers a glimpse into his soul, Scott Collins shares a unique yet relatable story in his new single, “Her Favorite Song,” which dropped today September 2nd.

Compared to previous singles, “Her Favorite Song” steps away from the upbeat, Americana heartland rock songs to highlight more of a tender singer-songwriter approach. The production allows for powerful moments, but the lyrics are the real star of the show. “Her favorite song playing on an old radio / Calling me home, me home,” he sings in the chorus.

Collins does a beautiful job describing the woman he’s missing and yearning for. In mentioning her pale eyes and failing light, he effectively conveys her mutual heartbreak and longing as well. The orchestral overdubbed vocals and harmonics interspersed throughout resonate and stick with the listener.

As a whole, the song highlights an experience we can all relate to: missing someone special and seeing or hearing reminders of them around us. Collins delivers this feeling in a way that is catchy and resonating. He mentions, “Playing it live now absolutely proves it’s got ‘favorite song’ possibilities for a lot of people.” And it’s evident why; this song is very much a “put your lighters or phone lights in the air” song. The chorus is simple in a way that it allows the crowd to sing and sway to the music, thinking of the favorite song of the person calling them home.

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The single is to be featured on his upcoming EP, In The Burgundy, an album that touches on many stories that shaped Collins’ life. From a local dive bar in LA, to a renegade on a runaway train, to unrequited love, his lyrical versatility is evident throughout.

He formed his dream team when he paired up with Grammy-winning producer Chris “Frenchie” Smith and multi-instrumentalist Einar Pederson. He says that these two have given him “the tools to get to the next level. There’s a lot of evolution on this recording,” he says.

“Her Favorite Song” is the latest chapter in Scott Collins’ songbook, and we can expect more of the same catchy resonating songs to come on his impending album, In The Burgundy.

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