Art-Inspired Fusion Group Ronley Teper And The Lipliners Release New Track ‘Everyone Loves A Good Story’

Whether you’re a child at heart or a fan of the theatrical, whimsical, and campy, Ronley Teper and the Lipliners’ latest single “Everyone Loves A Good Story” is sure to please your ear.

The single is the titular track of their latest album, an amalgamation of songs that borrow elements from burlesque, cabaret, klezmer, and experimental sounds. At the same time, “Everyone Loves A Good Story” also contains more contemporary and mainstream sounds such as blues and traditional acoustic. With this unique makeup of sonic elements, Teper channels artists such as Tom Waits, Frank Zappa, Talking Heads, and Kate Bush.

Born in South Africa and growing up in Toronto, Teper has been an active storyteller, composer, and creator of “FART” (fused art) for nearly two decades. Not only is Teper active in her visual and musical art careers, but she also hones her flair for the dramatic in her YouTube series “So, Watcha Doin?”, in which Sock Face Teper (a sock puppet) explores music, friendship, and the philosophical question of, “what’s your favorite snack?”

It is through this active involvement in the art scene that Teper has assembled a roster of musicians, animators, and artists to collaborate on her work.

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“Everyone Loves A Good Story” is a prime example of this artist-to-artist collaboration. Written and performed by Teper and her band, the track’s music video contains animation from Teper’s partner and animator, Saúl Lederman, and choreography and artwork from fellow Torontonian Nava Waxman.

The single is a haunting, synth-and-string-ridden track with an eerie music-box instrumental. It takes you to a dream-like setting in which Teper’s voice lilts and soars above you, painting a picture of the surreal and mischievous elements she sings of. The track and its accompanying animated short are whimsical and fun, but at its core, the song is a testament to the creative process.

Containing lyrical content about one’s frustrations with writing a story, the short’s ending frame leaves the viewer with a final message: “Everything in life starts with creativity. If you don’t know where to go, just keep going. Eventually you’ll end up somewhere.”

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