Anti-Genre Indie Pranksters SeepeopleS Release Melodic New Single ‘Two Silhouettes’

22 years of experience, a who’s who of seasoned musicians, and acclaim from every facet of the underground, SeepeopleS has managed to captivate the indie world for over two decades. Now, the group is gearing up to release another album, with their catchy new single, “Two Silhouettes,” leading the way and hitting the streaming world on March 11th.

Spearheaded by writer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Will Bradford, SeepeopleS is an indie group originally from Asheville and Boston. Called the original “anti-genre” band, they’ve dominated the underground music scene and managed to bring in an impressive list of personnel to help them with their musical endeavors.

With critically acclaimed albums that feature members of Dave Matthews Band (Tim Reynolds), Morphine, Parliament/Funkadelic, Spearhead, and even Lynyrd Skynyrd, it’s no surprise the somewhat mysterious band has seen success. They were also nominated for a New England Music Award for “Best Live Act,” further adding to their credentials. SeepeopleS has managed to create a sound uniquely their own, and the big names involved are a testament to that. 

With two EPs and five albums under their belt, the witty and sometimes controversial band are gearing up to add to that number. This latest project has been a large undertaking for the group, but five years later, they are finally ready to release it this fall. Their newest single, “Two Silhouettes,” serves as a lush and easy-on-the-ears preview of what’s to come on the upcoming album.

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The track immediately hits with a gentle but driving percussive shuffle ripe with melodic acoustic guitar, radiant pianos, and tasteful steel guitar underneath. The beautiful, soaring vocals from Bradford color the song with a bittersweet quality, which are further punctuated with the gliding steel guitars sliding in and out. The lines, “Afraid I might forget / The taste of something new,” punctuates the longing to meet a person who adds excitement to your life. While the lyrics are full of yearning, the mellow acoustic folk instrumentation helps bring an air of hope to that suffocating feeling. 

This turn to sweet indie-folk from their more punk and alternative influences brings a breath of fresh air to SeepeopleS sound. Even after 22 years, the group manages to find new exciting sounds to give to their loyal fanbase.

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