Anna Rose Administers Atmospheric Psychedelia On New Single ‘Whatever Gets You Through The Night’

Nashville-based singer-songwriter Anna Rose is certifiably rock n’ roll.

By the age of five, she had already picked up guitar, piano, dance, and an intrinsic understanding of what it means to be a rockstar. The other kids in the sandbox didn’t stand a chance.

Built upon a foundation of innovation, rebellion, and respect, Rose’s emotionally charged lyrics and country-rock instrumentals have a penchant for leaving listeners feeling both soothed and energized. 

Her roots run deep into the annals of rock and blues history, pulling inspiration from the likes of The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Muddy Waters, and Nirvana to name a few. Her taste is eclectic and encompassing, which only enhances her own genre-blending sound. 

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“Whatever Gets You Through The Night”

Her latest single, “Whatever Gets You Through The Night,” dropped February 23rd, teasing the release of her upcoming project, Last Girl of the Rodeo. “It’s Romeo & Juliet,” says Rose. “It’s exquisite torture. It’s knowing that you can’t handle your heart being shattered again but being unable to stop the train that’s already moving.”

Co-written with long-time friend and producer Paul Moak of The Smoakstack in Nashville, the track begins as a delicate if not trippy ballad, forging at lava lamp-like speed. 

Rose sings, “Pretty mouth / You take my heart and spit it out / You know how to pull me in,” the reality of lust and poor timing spilling from her ethereal vocals into a heart-wrenching soundscape. The production is truly something special, as the song steadily grows into itself as Rose experiments with sensitivity over distorted guitar licks. 

Last month, Rose released the 60+ second track, “Back on My Bullshit,” the intro single from Last Girl of the Rodeo. Real and raw, it’s a testament to her dedication to the craft, as she strips away any unnecessary fluff and tells nothing but the unfiltered truth. “I don’t care about any title that has ever been put on me,” declares Rose. “I only want to serve these songs and these stories. I am standing in the blast zone. There is nothing else here. It’s just me.”

Last Girl of the Rodeo promises listeners a stripped back, autobiographical concept record that is set to release later this year. Rose’s innate talent for storytelling shines in this painfully relatable single, and we look forward to more unfiltered, intimate tracks to come. 

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