An Interview With Colorful Pop Songstress Chey Rose & A Look At Her New Single ‘VCR’

Born and raised in The Buckeye State, Chey Rose grew up with a love for music that started in the womb. Having grown up in a musical family, Chey Rose started singing at the age of four, and started writing lyrical poems when she was in the first grade. At 18 she moved to Nashville to attend Belmont University, as she knew she had to be a part of the music industry, and what better way than to study your craft within the epicenter of that industry. She is currently majoring in Songwriting and minoring in Music Business, all the while establishing her career as a Nashville pop artist. 

Chey is not wasting any time in getting her music out there, as she just released her newest bubbly single, “VCR.” The song is garnering lots of attention on various streaming sites, and is racking up a play count. It’s evident she writes from a place of personal experiences and emotions, and it’s very easy to relate to her music. 

She’ll be releasing an EP later this year, and will be performing at several shows in and around Nashville throughout. And now for the lady herself…

Music Mecca: When did you know you wanted to pursue a life of music, and what or who got you into it?

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Chey Rose: I think ever since I was a 4 year old tot I had a dream to be a “singer” – but then again, I feel like every kid does! True story, though: when I was a fetus (literally) my dad would sing and play guitar to me through my mom’s belly. I guess his musical inspiration worked, because I started singing so early I don’t even remember starting! In around first grade I began writing random snippets of lyrics and melodies and by age 10 had a dream to record and release a full album. Then fast forward to age 15 when I started writing more seriously and really threw myself into it. Once I came down to Nashville and learned that songwriting could be an actual job, I was sold and knew I had to be a part of the music industry.

MM: What’s your favorite part about the Nashville pop music scene?

CR: My absolute favorite thing about the pop scene here is that it’s just a baby in the beginning stages! Pop is on a steady rise, but it’s still very secondary in Nashville to genres such as country, singer-songwriter and contemporary christian. I think because of this, pop in Nashville is very much a tight knit community, especially in the writing world. Everyone knows everyone and anyone is willing to help you, introduce you to other writers or friends and connect with you. I love being surrounded by fellow artists who are not only insanely talented but also so helpful, encouraging and genuine!

MM: What’s the music scene like in Ohio?

CR: I feel like Ohio and a lot of the midwest is musically known for punk-rock and festivals such as Warped Tour in Cleveland, OH. My hometown of Columbus definitely has a vibrant music scene! Before moving to Nashville I interned for CD 102.5, an independently owned radio station in Columbus that plays and supports punk rock and up and coming alternative bands. They do a lot for the music scene in central Ohio and put on helpful “Music Business Monday” meetings in the Summer where artists and writers can come learn about the behind the scenes of the industry! For me, though, there wasn’t a ton of pop opportunity, so Nashville has fit my artistry better.

MM: You just released your latest single “VCR”. Could you tell us a bit about this song and the recording process?

CR: “V.C.R.” stands for “Velvet Cosmic Rush,” which is a random phrase my best friend and co-writer Shir came up with one day as we were riding around in my car. We had a session booked with a super talented producer Will McBeath, and we were originally supposed to write for Shir that night, but we both agreed that we felt like we should develop the “V.C.R.” concept for me. So that’s what we did! It was one of those perfect sessions where we were all vibing and laughing the whole time. The song came out super easily and we had so much fun with it. The song itself is about a new crush that gives you a rush – a velvet cosmic rush – of emotions and happiness and excitement. We’ve all experience that head over heels infatuation and I love how we made “V.C.R.”’s lyrics nonsensical in parts to parallel the way love often feels nonsensical and indescribable.

MM: Are you working on an EP or album, and if so will ‘VCR’ be a part of it?

CR: I am working on an EP right now, and to be completely real I don’t know if “V.C.R.” will fit on it or not. I knew it was special and had to be released, though! If it makes sense for the whole EP’s story I might include it. But if not, I am super happy about how it’s done as a single.

MM: Do you have a particular songwriting process/routine, and do you get involved with co-writes? 

CR: Yes & no! When it comes to songwriting processes, songs start all different ways. Sometimes I get a random melody in my head that I have to record real quick on my voice memo app. Sometimes I’ll get a random line that I know has to go in a song. And sometimes, I’ll think of a general concept that I want to work around. I try to write 5 times a week, 2-3 of which are cowrites. I absolutely LOVE writing with others – there is something magic about two souls connecting and coming together to tell a story in a song. It’s important for me to solo write too, though, because that helps me know and hone my voice as an artist!

MM: What has been one of your defining and most accomplished moments as an artist so far?

CR: There have been MANY. Planning my own release party start to finish was such an intense labor of love and it was so cool to see it come together. Getting notified that I got my first Spotify editorial playlist add with “V.C.R.” was so exciting and rewarding that I started tearing up (cheesy but true!). But honestly, the most defining moment that has happened to me so far was a message I received on Instagram a few weeks ago from a girl I had never met and never spoken to before. She had come across “V.C.R.” on Spotify and loved it so much that she made this gorgeous abstract art piece based on the colors and lyrics in the song. I was honestly so surprised and humbled – it was a really cool moment to see that my art has the power to connect with and inspire other people to create their own art and use mine as a reference. I still can’t wrap my head around that! It’s the coolest to see my music connecting with and affecting real people around the world.

MM: Dream Scenario: If you could open for any artist, at any venue, who and where would it be?

CR: Ahhh, that’s so hard to choose! But honestly, hands down 100 times over, LANY. They are my all time favorite band and have influenced so much of the chill-alt-pop sound in my tunes. They’re also the first artist I listened to in high school that made me think, wow, I wanna make music like THIS. Plus their drummer, Jake Goss, went to Belmont – so maybe I could have an “in” there!

MM: What do you hope to have achieved as an artist five years from now?

CR: Five years is a long enough span that I feel confident in saying I would love to have a billboard #1 song (I wouldn’t complain about more than one, either! Lol). But beyond the numbers game, I would really love to be a successful touring pop artist making enough from my music that I don’t have to have a 9-5 or side hustle. I feel like headlining my own tour in the next 5 years is a solid goal in my mind. I’m also super interested in getting my music more sync deals, so to have songs in TV shows and commercials and movies raking in royalties would be amazing!

MM: What does the rest of 2019 have in store for Chey Rose?

CR: I can hardly believe 2019 is more than halfway over! Ahhh. Life goes FAST! In the rest of 2019 my goal is to play about one full band show a month – I already have a few booked for August, September and October. But music-wise, I have a couple touchy-feely-nostalgic songs I reallllly would love to do a Fall release for, so stay tuned for those. I just wanna keep working hard and writing deep, real, messy, genuine songs that people of all different backgrounds can relate to.

For more info on Chey, visit her website HERE.

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