An Inside Look At NYC Pop Singer-Songwriter Jenny Kern & Her Newest Single ‘Run’

An indie pop singer based in Brooklyn but born in Canada, Jenny Kern captivates audiences with her magnetic vocals and lyrical expressiveness. One can sense the cleansing effect music can have on the soul through her words. After releasing her debut single, “Slow Burn” in 2019, she was then invited on an international European tour, and was soon featured on MTV, ABC, and the CW. 

“Slow Burn” then became part of her four-song EP, Jenny Kern. The introspective track brings forth insight to recognize the emotional and mental place you’re at in life and being honest about it. Attracting more than 300,000 streams, the slow melancholy song connects with listeners on a relatable level with lyrics like, “And it’s easier to run away, but at least I’m willing to admit…I think I lost my way, broken in flames”. Also featured on the EP, “Build a Bridge,” shows Kern’s ability to perceive situations from a higher perspective. At the end of 2019, “Satellite” hit streaming platforms, carrying the same sentiment of the first tune. 

“Now We Know” became the first release of 2020, produced by Andy Seltzer (Maggie Rogers, Chelsea Cutler, Valley), who also worked on “Satellite”. Andy’s production on “Coming Back For Me” in 2021 also plays with the ethereal and mysterious sound that runs throughout Kern’s catalog.

A singer-songwriter style with an electric pop feel, the track strips back at the bridge, with the only sound of the piano and layered vocals ringing as she sings of a relationship she needs to get away from. After hearing the song, the radio voice and programmer Bruce Warren spun it on XPN and NPR’s World Cafe. 

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Giving listeners an escape with the dreamy production and lively beats, her latest single, “Run”, is the essence of a chill pop tune.

Singing about a love that you don’t want to let go of and recognizing the beauty in the other person but the faults in yourself, Kern’s soothing vocals bring listeners to a more vulnerable side of her. Steady and tugging at the heart strings, Kern opens the song with, “I never thought that you were listening, I thought you gave up from the start/But all the while you were in position, to hold me and protect my heart”. Though the message takes a deeper form, the melody and bridge serves an uplifting hope with the lyrics, “I’m turning inside out, loosening my doubts/They’ve all but washed away”.

Featured on playlists far and wide as well, Kern’s music can be found on Fresh Finds, Indie All Stars, and New Music Friday, with over 1 million followers collectively.

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