Americana Songsmith Matt Burke Releases Seasonal Anthem In ‘Tequila Summer’

“She loves Jose and I think I love her / It’s gonna be a tequila summer.”

The anthemic chorus of Matt Burke’s latest single, “Tequila Summer,” acts as a fitting soundtrack for the dog days of the season ahead.

The song is reminiscent of something that would be found on a backyard barbecue playlist. The kind of barbecue with a cooler full of beers, cheeseburgers and hot dogs piling on plates, and if you’re lucky, a pool with some floaties. In all honesty- is there any other kind of barbecue?

It’s easy to draw comparisons to artists such as Zac Brown, Thomas Rhett, or perhaps Jon Pardi when listening to Burke, and his latest even offers something of a Jimmy Buffet feel. It’s the kind of single that makes you feel good, and puts you in the mood to soak up the sun.

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Throughout his career, Burke has been known for experimenting with new sounds and playing different genres. He’s been primarily known to dabble in Americana, country, folk and a little rock and roll. With “Tequila Summer,” Burke creates a pop country anthem that has the potential to be on repeat throughout this summer. 

Burke grew up in Florida where he met Leona Ellis, his keys player in the Matt Burke Band. Tragically, Ellis unexpectedly passed away in 2018, which marked the end of the Matt Burke Band, and although an insufferable loss for Burke, this forced him begin to focus on his songwriting and future as a solo musician. 

In 2019, Burke moved to Nashville where he settled in and took to the streets to make a name for himself. However, this came to a quick halt with the rise of the pandemic, which Burke then used the time to channel his creativity in releasing new music such as “Missed My Chance” and “Leaving Home”.

You can catch Burke every Sunday morning at 10 AM CST on his livestream that can be viewed on both Facebook and Instagram. “Tequila Summer” is the latest in the Matt Burke catalog, and we can only hope to get some more gems from this Americana songsmith in the near future.

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