All In The Family: Father & Son Country Duo Son Of John Release Raucous Music Video For Upcoming Single ‘Put Your Hands Up’

“Sounds like #RanchRock.”

That’s according to the Instagram bio of Johnny P. Johnson, seasoned performer, musician, and one-half of the father-son duo Son of John. If you’re not quite sure what “ranch rock” is, their forthcoming, single “Put Your Hands Up” should give you a good idea.

A play on their shared last name, Son of John began as a passion project between Johnny and his eldest son Javan in 2017 after having played music together for over a decade prior. Johnny has been making music for over 25 years as a talented frontman, guitarist, and harp player.

After the release of their 2019 debut single, “Country Pure,” Javan was nominated for Fiddle and Mandolin Player of the Year at the British Columbia Country Music Awards. That same year, Son of John was nominated for their first BCCMA: Traditional Country/Roots Artist of the Year. This joining of generational forces is on a steady upward momentum, and seems to just be getting started.

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Speaking of generational forces, it’s those very forces that make the music of Son of John so unique. The duo is adamant about their distaste for “fitting the mold,” which is evident in “Put Your Hands Up.” With a strong roots influence of mandolin, fiddle, dobro, banjo, harmonica, and harmonies only DNA can replicate, Son of John seamlessly blends Johnny’s Saskatchewan prairie roots and Javan’s rural British Columbia upbringing into an authentic acoustic sound.

The song is fun, humorous, catchy, and full of life. Both Johnny and Javan play off one another in a musical father-son dynamic that only adds to the song’s traditional, yet playful, Western feel. 

The same sentiment goes for the accompanying “Put Your Hands Up” music video. With Johnny and Javan playing their respective roles as Pastor and Groom, the video depicts them getting questioned, imprisoned, making their escape, and finally ends with Javan marrying the woman who arrested them. Just like the song: it’s fun and chipper, playing with traditional Western tropes and shot entirely in the village of Midway, BC.

That’s the nature of Son of John: the two celebrate pride for their shared roots and the music that comes with that. By blending two generations of country music, and by having fun while doing it, Son of John is nothing short of a good time.

“Put Your Hands Up” will be available to stream on October 22nd.

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