Alabama Ace: Americana Singer-Songwriter Izzy Miller Releases New Single ‘Who Am I To Blame’

Izzy Miller, a singer, songwriter and guitarist hailing from Huntsville, Alabama, has released his new single “Who Am I To Blame” on October 29th.

Miller has been on the scene since playing in his first band, Storage, which formed in 2007, finding success with their 2009 single “Just a Little More.” Miller eventually released his first solo album, Back From Nowhere, in 2010, before teaming up with drummer Smokin’ Joey Gambrell. He and Gambrell went their own ways in 2013 after releasing their single, “Where to Land,” which peaked at #49 on the Billboard Rock Digital Downloads chart.

Once again going solo, Miller released his EP Commercially Inept in 2014. After this release, he largely disappeared from the public eye until August 2016, when he announced he had signed with 764 Entertainment.

Beginning in collaboration with the Black Market Salesmen in 2017, he and the group would find success with their EP American Times, which reached #1 on Amazon and Itunes.

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Since 2020, Miller has been working in collaboration with Shane Davis (formerly of Black Market Salesman) on a number of projects, including forming Turtle Mountain Records, the label that Miller released his latest single “Who Am I To Blame” with.

”Who Am I To Blame” is ripe with relatable emotions about love, loss and grief, is an examination of a past relationship, through the eyes of Miller. A nod to classic Americana music, this song is highlighted by the simple yet fitting country guitar riffs that are complemented by Miller’s southern drawl.

He details unfaithfulness and arguments that led to sleepless nights, Miller ponders questions like, “Who am I to blame for how it all went down?” and, “Who am I to blame for the tears that we’ve cried?” before eventually finding solace in his role, stating, “That I ain’t to blame.”

This single is hopefully a sign of what is still to come from Izzy Miller, as he proves that he once again has the reins to modern Americana music firmly in hand.


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