Actress, Performer, & Pop Songwriter Gina Naomi Baez Releases Harmonic New Single ‘Piñata’

Triple Threat is not only a movie that features Gina Naomi Baez; it is precisely who she is. As an actress, singer, and songwriter, she lets herself break boundaries between multiple creative forces. 

In addition to being featured in Spike Lee’s She’s Gotta Have It and Orange is the New Black, Baez has appeared in numerous off-Broadway shows. The NYC artist and actor also has a YouTube channel called “Eyes on Broadway” in which she chronicles her journey to achieve her dream: expressing her creativity on Broadway. Her carefree spirit beautifully drives her passion and work, most notably in her music.

Her newest single, “piñata,” dropped on June 24th, and is only a sneak peek to her impassioned and bold upcoming EP, Ginita.

Baez presents her vulnerability through her powerful voice and potent songwriting, as listeners are able to transport into her beautifully told story of complex emotions.

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“This was supposed to be my party / Now I’m bleeding crimson colored confetti / Poor piñata,” Baez sings with a good bit of melancholy, putting her heart on her sleeve. We also see her brave and delicate voice in other tracks like “Hidden Hurt” and “Illuminate My Heart.” 

However, the Swiss Army Knife of creativity and artistic expression has a funny bone and lighter side too.

Taking inspiration from Lizzo’s song “Truth Hurts,” Baez created a parody music video and single titled, “Truth Hurts Hocus Pocus.” It went viral with over 15 million views, and even shared by Lizzo herself.

As a multi-talented artist, Gina Naomi Baez continues to show her passion for storytelling in her work as a songwriter and actress, and “piñata” is the latest example of her powerful voice and spirit. Keep an eye out for her upcoming EP expected later this year.

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