Acclaimed Songwriter Beth Nielsen Chapman Releases Empowering New Single ‘Hey Girl’

With her spunky guitar and undaunted voice, Beth Nielsen Chapman has released her newest single, “Hey Girl (We Can Deal With It)” which will appear on her upcoming album, Crazytown, on September 23rd.

Born in Harlingen, Texas, Nielsen Chapman’s experiences growing up in places like Munich, Germany, and Montgomery, Alabama, have only lent itself to creative inspiration, namely songwriting. In her adolescence, she was raised on artists such as Hoagy Carmichael, Tony Bennett, James Taylor, and Carole King, which had such a profound influence on her, it would effectively shape the trajectory of her career.

As she moved across nations, she remembers, “[Holding] onto that guitar for dear life,” as she would recall. No matter where she went, music was always her guidance.

After falling in love with Alabama, she began honing deeper into her music, and decided to take it to the next level. In 1985, she moved to Nashville where her writing career would soon take off. She’s since written for artists like Elton John, Neil Diamond, Trisha Yearwood, Faith Hill, and many, many more. With these collaborations, she has garnered many #1 hits under her songwriting belt.

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After a lengthy and rewarding songwriting career, Nielsen Chapman is still kicking out the jams, and will be back with her 15th solo album, CrazyTown. We catch a glimpse of this exciting return through her newest single, which reminds us what she is all about through “Hey Girl (We Can Deal With It).”

In her recent lyric video, Nielsen Chapman includes fleeting clips of many iconic and influential female figures and movements. As she sings, “Hey girl, gotta give it time / It’ll be fine / We can deal with it,” the feeling of empowerment rings strong, and it’s clear we’re listening to a female powerhouse giving us an anthem we could always use. She shows us this strength with her compelling high notes and soulful delivery, reminding us to be our own storytellers. Her fearless lyricism and effortless composition reel the listener in to this modern day banger.

“Hey Girl (We Can Deal With It)” is a most delightful teaser into what promises to be an album filled with expert songwriting and vibrant instrumentation.

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