Abe Partridge Reflects On Early Life In The Ministry & Looks To The Future On New Single ‘Love In The Dark’

Garnering notable acclaim as a singer-songwriter, podcaster, and visual artist among other things, Abe Partridge is surely a name to keep on your radar. 

After leaving home at the ripe age of 18 to obtain a rather complicated theological education and a short stint as pastor of an independent Baptist Church in Kentucky, an onslaught of depression left Partridge in need of something more. Though not trained in either, Partridge turned to songwriting and art for healing. And with this newfound direction, he released his debut album, Cotton Fields and Blood for Days, in 2018. 

His latest video single, “Love in the Dark”, draws inspiration from his early career in the ministry and explores his battle with faith and his past. Partridge calls it a song of prayer and “looking toward the future with peace.” While the video was directed by Partridge himself, animation was done by Sadie Van Wie. 

“Love in the Dark”

An animated candle flame flickers amidst a dimly lit background on which Partridge’s lyrics float upward in the way you’d imagine Partridge’s vocals. His effortless and hauntingly raspy voice comes and goes like wisps of smoke, curling upwards with the words of his prayer. Broadly proclaiming, “My youth, it was a waste,” he delves into the choices he made as a young adult. Recalling a time he “Walked out into the night / On a teenage thrill,” he reflects that his career as a preacher wasn’t all he once thought it would be. 

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Alongside co-producer Ferrill Gibbs, his podcast, Alabama Astronaut, follows Partridge’s quest to record undocumented songs he discovered in churches across Appalachia. With a strong 4.9-star rating, and over 30k downloads, the podcast has become another valuable outlet for the artist.

Also a renowned artist, Partridge’s paintings have been featured in numerous galleries and exhibits. Each piece is carved into roofing tar on wooden boards and then painted with acrylics. A full list of his artistic accomplishments and credits can be found here

With a reputation for his performances at songwriter festivals, Partridge has embarked on numerous tours both within the U.S. and abroad. Currently, he is playing shows across the Midwest and Southeast and will head to the U.K. and Netherlands later this summer.

Laying the grounds for his forthcoming LP, Love in the Dark, his newest single is just a taste of what’s to come. The anticipated album is set to release this Friday May 12, so fans don’t have long to wait. 

Photo by Cathy Partridge

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