Aaron Lee Tasjan To Release New Album ‘Naked Pop Songs Live!’ November 10th

Due to release his limited-edition live album Naked Pop Songs Live! November 10th, Aaron Lee Tasjan is the epitome of the Nashville indie scene.

Alongside Tasjan’s rising and evolving solo career, he has become a well-known collaborator in the Music City scene with artists like Yola, Natalie Hemby, and Mya Byrne. His effortlessly cool demeanor, penchant for catchy melodies, and spirited songwriting has earned him a reputation as one of Nashville’s most sought after indie artists, and it certainly goes beyond just the city.

“Little Movies”

His upcoming album, Naked Pop Songs Live!, comes after five studio albums for Tasjan, exploring his apt for exhilaration and taking the listener to new places. Tasjan says, “There are successes and failures in each song… Nothing is perfect on a live album except for the experience of listening to it. What we hear on live records is a human-being being who they are.” 

Tasjan’s upcoming musical projects go past just this live album too, as his sixth studio album is expected to arrive in 2024 as well. Said to be “a striking collection of hyper pop, indie rock, 80s synths, and angular guitars,” the artist continues to develop his Bowie-reminiscent craft of musical evolution, keeping fans eager and curious.

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“The Trouble With Drinkin'”

Only 500 copies of the live album will be available worldwide and purchasable at the listener’s local indie music retailer. “Live albums can serve as a conduit to a time and space that will never exist again,” says Tasjan. 

Naked Pop Songs Live! will include fan favorites such as “Hard Life” and “Little Movies” from his Silver Tears album, and “The Trouble With Drinkin’” from his first album, In the Blazes. Tasjan blends his love for the unexpected with his unprecedented talent for connecting with audiences to bring these live renditions of past hits to fruition.


1. Songbird (March 14 2022 at Meyer Theater Greenbay, WI)

2. Hard Life (March 14 2022 at Meyer Theater Greenbay, WI)

3. Get Gone (March 24 2022 at Canopy Club Urbana, IL)

4. My Camera (March 14 2022 at Meyer Theater Greenbay, WI)

5. Cape (March 14 2022 at Meyer Theater Greenbay, WI)

6. Memphis Rain (March 14 2022 at Meyer Theater Greenbay, WI)

7. Framptongate ’18 (March 26 2022 at Madison Theater Covington, KY)

8. Little Movies (March 26 2022 at Madison Theater Covington, KY)

9. Success (March 11 2022 Bell’s Eccentric Cafe Kalamazoo, MI)

10. The Trouble With Drinkin’ (March 24 2022 Canopy Club Urbana, IL)

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