A Look At Whimsical Indie Psych-Folk Songwriter Frankie Sunswept & His New Single ‘Light Of Heart’

Born in Los Angeles and now residing in Queens, New York, indie songwriter Frankie Sunswept continues to prove that creative inquiry and moxie can blossom into vulnerability and an evolving sound.

This matched with a beautiful cinematic experience, Sunswept is moving into a territory of his own with his upcoming debut solo album, Turning. Sunswept, who is still releasing music with the cosmic R&B band, The Sunwrays, is using this refreshed artistic liberty to adopt his unique melodies, time signatures, and whimsical lyrics into something new. 

His newest single, “Light of Heart” is as enchanting and ethereal as you’d expect from Sunswept: uplifting harmonies, catchy lyrics, a nod to neo-psychedelia, and garage rock, this single touches on the vulnerability of self-discovery and plays with numerous light imagery. With every other verse ending with, “I must be my own truest friend / I’ve been so bad to myself again and again,” Sunswept is thoughtfully circling back, almost to remind himself again of that truth. “Light of Heart” is a congenial single, with its winsome and rosy perspective of the unavoidable plague of self-contemplation.

The song’s accompanying music video, directed and shot by Kimberly Haven, follows Sunswept as he moves about in New York alone. Longing for solo mid-summer beach days and the inescapable Times Square loneliness, the video encompasses the song’s premise – seeking the inevitable truth of needing to befriend yourself even though you, and the world, haven’t been gracious. The video uses these two backdrops to play with the juxtaposition of it being both a haunting and comforting process. And in the end, it seems that Sunswept succeeds in winning out.

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One thing is true: “Light of Heart” is an ode to the past and an unconcerned oath to move forward. Keep an eye out Sunswept’s upcoming album, Turning, for more of his unique style and songwriting.


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