A Look At San Antonio Americana Singer-Songwriter Jeremy Parsons & His New Single ‘Things To Come’

Released on November 20th, Jeremy Parsons’ single, “Things to Come” reminisces on the good ol’ days while not getting caught up in the past and being excited for the new memories to come.

The mellower tempo and heartfelt lyrics will make a listener recall the years of yore while bringing a sweeping sense of nostalgia. The subtle yet distinct sound of the guitar and drums while the chorus sings, “I lived it I loved it and all that I learned/Oh time is a healer and life must go on,” reminds us to make good use of the time we are given. 

Parsons’ second album, 2017’s Things I Need to Say, is a brilliantly crafted lyrical album, as his stories and level of detail in each song are seamlessly woven into his beautiful melodies. Complex yet simple at the same time, Jeremy introduces his own experiences into the songs with unique perspectives and deeper meanings. The Lone Star-proud singer-songwriter has since released multiple stellar singles leading up to “Things to Come.” The folk-appeal of Parsons’ overall sound pairs perfectly with his lyrical storytelling that is both raw and vulnerable.

Born listening to country music in San Antonio, Texas, Parsons became a self-taught guitarist, and was writing and performing regularly by high school. He was awarded a prestigious Texas Music Award in 2011, and has only sharpened his craft since. He’s been very active in the touring circuit, having played shows all over Texas and the rest of the country, with stints in Europe as well.

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The love and passion is felt through his music, authentic personality, and unique humor he attracts a crowd with. His first two singles, “Burn the House Down” and “Why is the Bluebird Blue”, charted on the Top 40 Roots Music Report, while the second also hit #2 on the Hits You Love pop charts. Not to mention the impressive music videos for both songs were nominated for multiple film festivals. 

Be sure to check out his newest single, but also do yourself a favor and dive into his catalog of previous releases- you won’t be disappointed.

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