A Look At Nashville Psych Rockers The Weird Sisters & Their Cover Of The Freddie King Classic ‘Going Down’

In the Shakespearean play of Macbeth, three witches called the Weird Sisters conjure a prophecy resulting in the macabre fates of each of the main characters. In the wizarding world of Harry Potter, The Weird Sisters was the name of a popular band amongst Hogwarts students. And in Nashville, Tennessee, The Weird Sisters is the name of a blues-soaked rock ‘n’ roll band known for releasing tracks wired with adrenaline, and filled with nostalgia of rock eras from years past. 

The band includes Gabrielle Lewis (keyboardist), Izaac Short (guitarist, singer) Jeff Brown (drummer) and Caitlyn Crawley (vocalist). Each musician has a different background of musical training varying from rock, to classical, to jazz.

This blend of influences is made apparent in their sound, each of their songs reveling in multiple different shades of rock ‘n’ roll. The band’s debut album, Texas Toast, dropped in 2019, and the group is back to recording in the legendary Blackbird Studio located in the heart of Music City. 

The Weird Sisters recently released a cover of a classic blues song, “Going Down”, a smoking hot track that was originally performed by Freddie King in 1971. The group somehow still manages to take the song up another notch by replacing its original piano riffs with a chugging electric guitar groove.

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The cover is highlighted by the lead singer’s dynamic vocals, laced with the rasp of Janis Joplin. A hypnotic saxophone solo takes the listener by surprise in the middle of the single, serving as an interlude from the pace of the chorus. This is quickly followed by a wailing guitar solo, reminiscent of those during Woodstock during the psychedelic sixties. “Going Down” serves as an ideal introduction to the band for anyone new to their music, and shows The Weird Sisters offer a vast range within their catalog. 

Even though the term ‘weird sisters’ may conjure different ideas about who or what the group is all about, this Nashville-based band have proven they’re sure to stand out among the crowd. “Going Down” shows that this quartet have a lot in store for 2021—and we can’t wait to see what comes next.

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