A Look At Nashville Country & Indie Folk Songwriter Henry Conlon & His New Single ‘I’m Coming Home’

Possessing a voice on par with Josh Turner and a smooth phrasing that could easily rival Randy Travis, Henry Conlon is the perfect vocalist to reignite the flame of outlaw country —a groundbreaking sub-genre of country music that exploded in the seventies, spearheaded by legendary songwriters like Willie Nelson, Kris Kristofferson, and Johnny Cash. 

Conlon began writing in high school and won the hearts of fans in the northeast before recording his debut record, Home, at Dirt Floor Records in Haddam, Connecticut, with New England Award nominated producer, Eric M. Lichter. 

After releasing the album, Conlon moved to Tennessee in order to immerse himself in the Nashville songwriting scene, and has been able to revive a classic style without sounding dated. This can be possibly attributed to the quality of his stark lyrics and preferred instrumentation; an approach evocative of Chris Stapleton’s tenure with The Steeldrivers. 

The newest single from Conlon is an acoustic re-imagination of his song, “I’m Comin’ Home,” which he personally describes as, “a stripped down, darker, smokier version of the one that came out with Home back in 2019.” 

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Having joined forces with Donnie Reis and Joel Jorgensen, Conlon fulfills his promise to provide an edgier production by manipulating the texture, allowing his vocals to be an equal partner of the guitar, and setting the melody against a subtle piano gasping for air in the background. The bridge is instrumental and keeps in tradition as a piercing fiddle suddenly overtakes the listener, conjuring ghostly images of a freight train in a fog.

“I’m Coming Home,” follows an archetypal lyrical pattern of a southern odyssey that feverishly unveils the hero’s struggles with a tumultuous relationship, the battling of demons, and the ultimate journey back home.

Conlon’s artistry is very modern, yet deeply rooted in Nashville soil, which is consequently where his shrewdness as a songwriter and perhaps as a businessman lies. Knowing how to stay true to one’s craft while simultaneously creating something marketable is a skillset to be coveted. Conlon is certainly on his way to becoming a contender in the music industry with a prolific career.

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