A Look At Louisville Indie Psych-Rockers Dinero Romero & Their Debut Single ‘Laser Beam Of Consciousness’

Indie psych-rock band Dinero Romero unleashes their trippy and nuanced sound in their debut single, “Laser Beam of Consciousness.” 

This ethereal tune, written by the Louisville based seven-piece band that is Dinero Romero, is dripping with indie pop-rock psychedelia, with just a tinge of prog sprinkled on top. The band consists of John Anderson (guitar, vocals), Cameron Frederick (guitar, vocals), Robby Zurkuhlen (bass), Will Joyner (keys, trumpet), Levi Camp (auxiliary, vocals), Kenny Tayce (drums), and Matt Griffith (drums). Yes, you read that right- there are indeed two drummers! 

Anderson and Frederick’s vocals run through a fast, swirly phaser that leaves you feeling like you’re walking through a weed farm on the moon. Meanwhile, fuzzed out, wah-wah-filtered guitars, thumpy bass, and lush synths create a lava-lamp aura around the track. Tayce and Griffith’s dual drum grooves are locked in tight, giving the song a solid backbone and an irresistible melodic energy. 

Many of the band members knew each other long before the band’s formation. Anderson, Frederick, Zurkuhlen, and Tayce grew up together in Bardstown, KY, a small town outside of Louisville (known for their ample whiskey production), playing in bands together during and after high-school. It wasn’t until early 2020 that the four friends decided to officially start a band and share their music with the world. Wanting to create a “Louisville supergroup,” they enlisted the help of Griffith, Joyner, and Camp, who were also cutting their teeth in various bands within the Louisville music scene. 

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Using their mutual love for both psychedelic-music progenitors like The Grateful Dead and Frank Zappa, as well as modern psych-rock contemporaries such as King Gizzard, the septet have created a familiar yet fresh sound. 

Whether you’re indulging in psychedelics or just strolling through the park for some fresh air, “Laser Beam of Consciousness” is sure to free your mind and take you on a trip you won’t soon forget. 

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