A Look At Diverse LA R&B Pop Artist Regina Madre & Her New Single ‘What You Wanna Do?’

Growing up in a household full of music, Regina Madre (Rebecca King Crews), developed her musical adoration thanks to her parents.

Originally from Benton Harbor, Michigan, the actress and R&B artist was born into an interracial family, allowing her to have a unique perspective on racial matters. Her mother was an opera singer, and her father was a multi-instrumentalist, and when he passed away, her step-father continued the music. 

A lawyer who was also a jazz musician, he fostered Regina’s piano playing around the age of eight, when she began taking lessons and playing for church. Extending to singing, dance, and theater at 13, she started her first choir and later became the director, teacher, and writer of her high school choir.

Attending Western Michigan University, she was a National Merit Scholar who also earned the title of Miss Gary Indiana 1984. Partaking in several musical theater productions and serving at her church as the musical director, she soon met her husband, the one and only Terry Crews. Yes, that one.

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Putting family first, Regina has taken a few breaks from her career to support her husband and raise her family, though she never stopped writing. 

She considers herself a songwriter who sings, and a “walking soundtrack” who can find a song for every situation. Now writing and producing for her own music, she is free to express herself under her own production company, Honeybear Music Publishing

“(I Keep) Holding On” became her debut single, with “Destiny” following soon after in 2018, which displayed her sultry sound and velvety vocals. “One Goodbye in Ten” also saw the light in 2018, bringing a touch of soul and jazz into her musical mixture. 

Steamy and flirtatious, “What You Wanna Do?” is the latest addition to Regina’s singles. Starting off waiting for her partner to get back, the attitude progressively shifts as it gets later and later with no sign of where he is. The first verse sings, “Feeling lonely like I need a little cuddling, where you at boy I really start to worrying”. The story eventually takes a concerning twist – “Boy I love you but it’s really gotten so bizarre, you put a ring on it, said you gonna take me far/Now you’re acting like I’m just another woman from the bar”. Through the agitation, her vocals remain smooth against the nostalgic and silky soft production. 

Through her genuine and uplifting pop sound, Regina connects with listeners of all backgrounds through her experiences that create an authentic environment. Aiming to use the music and film industries to encourage and inspire, her fresh mindset brings hope and insight to those who get to know her. There is beauty to be found every day and lessons to be learned from mistakes.

Dreaming of this life for a long time, she finds herself blessed and grateful to be in a position better than she could ever imagine.

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