California Dreamin’: A Look At Folk Songstress Kimmi Bitter & Her Latest Single ‘Ridin On A Dream’

Sending listeners into a 1960s daze of tunes between country western and Americana, singer-songwriter Kimmi Bitter is still riding the high of her latest single release, “Ridin’ On A Dream.”

Convinced she was born in the wrong era, Bitter has immersed herself in the music of bygone eras, primarily from the 1950s through the 1970s. Also delving into various genres throughout the decades of music, she dug into her native West Coast roots creating her own distinctive style.

Bitter’s voice channels a mix of blues, country, and a little bit of old fashioned rock n’ roll. Finding her expression through artists such as Patsy Cline, Elvis, and Linda Ronstadt among others, she emulates a Golden State take on classic country. 

The San Diego native has long been inspired by her native Californian roots and the musical pioneers who paved the way decades ago. “I am very heavily influenced by late 60s psychedelic, the Laurel Canyon counterculture era in Los Angeles, and western outlaw vibes in general,” Bitter says. 

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Having lived out her Americana adventures playing shows across the country, Bitter lived out of her van traveling across the busy highways of the country, which ultimately influenced her song, “Ridin’ On A Dream.”

The single is about a cowgirl who leaves her hometown in order to pursue her dreams, despite the many obstacles and odds against her. Featuring a western air and a heavy dream-like guitar melody, she tells a story as if you’re right there along the ride with her. With a killer guitar solo in the mix reflecting her more rock n’ roll side, the track grabs your attention from start to finish, displaying the musical elements that inspired her most.

Excited to be back on the road, Bitter has upcoming shows in Nashville, Manchester, Shreveport, and more. She is also anticipating the release of her next single, “Broken Dreams,” set for release November 19th.

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