A Look At Canadian Adult Contemporary Singer-Songwriter Tia McGraff & Her Newest Single ‘What If’

Contemporary Americana singer-songwriter Tia McGraff is bringing the soulful edge with a kick of nostalgia in her latest folk-inspired songs.

An award-winning singer-songwriter and author, McGraff has been writing, recording, and performing with her musical partner and husband, Tommy Parham, for more than 20 years. They met while living in Nashville, and have since sold out shows across the world, including Nashville’s own Bluebird Café.

Known for their relatable songs about life and love, McGraff and Parham have reached the hearts of their listeners through their seven international CD releases, film/TV placements, and nominations/awards, including the 2016 First-Round Grammy Nomination for Americana Album of the Year

McGraff’s debut album, Jewel’s Cafe, dates back to 2000, with Outside of the Circle and Day In My Shoes releasing in the following years. A decade later, Diversity was released, mixing rock ‘n’ roll with classic country, while each song has its own unique sound. “Radical Road” in particular is a head-bobbing and feet-tapping track, whereas “Two Wolves” takes on a more natural and different cultural instrumentation. Break These Chains then released in 2013, dipping her toes a little deeper into the alternative folk genre. 

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The release of her Crazy Beautiful album in 2015 received international acclaim and airplay on radios such as Bob Harris Country on BBC Radio 2 in the UK. Stubborn In My Blood became her 2018 album release, with her single “Let ‘Em See Your Strong” being adopted by the Me Too movement, empowering women around the world. Gentle yet powerful, McGraff’s comforting vocals is enough to make eyes swell. The lively cover of “One Tin Soldier” can also be found in the album, adding an energetic country flare.

Contributing to her catalog, McGraff’s newest single “What If” is honest and optimistic for communities around the world. The chorus paints the picture with, “What if it’s you who’s willing to walk us out of the desert again/What if it’s me who leads the tired and thirsty into the greed of the rain”. She looks forward to the day when everyone respects and loves each other, continuing with, “There is a place where no one’s a stranger, and we can embrace each other like neighbors”. The delicate yet passionate vocals and country feel captivate listeners and draw them into the deeper meaning of the song.

Along with music, McGraff has her own children’s book, Jake the Road Dawg, which has helped raise awareness and funds for her local chapter of The Dolly Parton Imagination Library. She also started a podcast and online educational video series to go along with it, telling the story of the Husky/Australian Shepherd and his impact on their lives. Just like her music, McGraff is bringing hope and healing to all those who listen.

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