A Look At Alt-Rock Band Zaano & Their Video Single ‘I Do What I Want’

While Covid had a spanning effect on artists, one band that didn’t get slowed down by it is alt-rock group, Zaano.

Living in Cleveland, Brandon Zano began his music career at 17 playing bass for his first band, Tender Blindspot. After cutting his teeth at a young age, he would go on to sign with Island Records with his group Leo, and bounce around the scene with a few more acts after that.

Zano would also develop a taste as producer, as he’s done remixes for artists like Garbage and Bon Iver, earning him a notable reputation. His main focus now is his band Zaano, an alt-rock band that takes inspiration from many avenues, including punk, garage rock, and even dance music. It all combines into a sound uniquely their own.

Since November 2017, they’ve released three singles, an EP, and an album. His newest song, “I Do What I Want,” hit streaming services February 8th, and a music video soon followed. It’s the first taste of their upcoming EP, The Salton Sea.

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The song starts with a slithery bass line that outlines the groove-driven drum track. Glittery synths punch in and out before Zaano’s melancholic vocals begin. As the song builds, more and more electronic elements are added to the mix, giving you the feeling of walking through the city on a cool summer night. The guitar solo that comes in about halfway into the song delights, and adds to the momentum. The arpeggiated synths in this section give it a lift into the stratosphere. The lyrics “Because I do what I want/ I never had a plan,” really encapsulate the free-flowing uninhibited vibes of the song. It all wraps up in a sparkly final chorus.

“I Do What I Want” is a solid teaser for the upcoming Zaano EP. The mix of 80s dance music and rock grit create a unique and compelling combo.

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