A Look At Alt Pop Singer-Songwriter TAY & Her Latest Singles ‘I’m So Sad’ & ‘Last Goodbye’

Emerging indie alt-pop artist, TAY, has recently released two of her newest singles, “i’m so sad” and “Last Goodbye.”

Writing anthems of heartbreak and being haunted by past relationships, the two singles give insight into her personal experiences, and she’s bold enough to share them through song. TAY encompasses the traits of a well-rounded artist as she produces, mixes, writes, and sings all of her own music, adding a fresh spin to the alternative pop genre.

Growing up in San Francisco, she has always had a do-it-yourself perspective, and even taught herself guitar along with classically training in piano over the years. She said she “basically could read music by the time she could talk”, so of course writing and telling stories through song came naturally to her. 

After high school, she went on to attend Chapman University to study screenwriting and audio engineering. Using music to tell stories through film, she found her outlet, but naturally gravitated towards pursuing her own musical dreams in her professional world. Having experience mixing at studios in LA, running recording sessions, editing, and more, she took advantage of her opportunities, which along with her storytelling abilities ultimately brought about these two heartbreak anthems. 

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Her latest release, “Last Goodbye,” incorporates lots of distinct electronic sounds along with a steady acoustic guitar, which carries listeners from the very beginning to end. Towards the middle of the song, she features singer and producer Dalliance bringing in a different tone and perspective that gives the audience the other side of the story. In this specific title, TAY immerses herself into her powerful vocals and conveys a glimpse into her personal life. 

Released this past August, “i’m so sad,” sets a different tone contrasting from “Last Goodbye.”

Slowly adding more and more lyrics sitting at her piano, she soon added other instruments in the writing process, which increased her knowledge in the production process of the song. Working alongside producer Jett Galindo, she was able to finish the project with an all-female team, which was particularly special to her and the passion she has for women’s rights.

The single starts off with only piano and her emotional vocals then soon adding in more of a pop vibe. Exploring and diving into her pain through her lyrics, she picks up the beat within the chorus letting listeners know it’s okay to be vulnerable, and you can always turn it around. She says, “It’s about a sad experience, but I wanted it to be a catchy, upbeat melody and track to reaffirm that freeing feeling of screaming your feelings out loud and letting them exist.”

Breaking the stigma of love songs, TAY beats the odds and isn’t afraid to bring different perspectives to the music industry. Facing losses of love along with paving her way into the industry as an independent female artist, she pours her emotions into her music and it definitely doesn’t disappoint. 

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