Things To Come: A Look At Texas Americana & Folk Songwriter Jeremy Parsons & His Breezy New Single ‘Something Other Than You Are’

Driven by an innate desire to create his own music at a young age, folk singer-songwriter Jeremy Parsons became a self-taught guitarist writing and performing songs by the time high school rolled around.

Born in San Antonio, Texas, country music found its way through Parsons’ soul, and by 2011 he had received a coveted Texas Music Award. Playing many venues not just in Texas but around the U.S. and Europe, the last decade has provided an opportunity for him to interact with audiences on a personal level. Drawing perspective and meaning from individual experiences, crowds have become captivated by his heartfelt enthusiasm and genuine personality. 

“Burn This House Down” and “Why Is The Bluebird Blue” were both singles off of his last album, Things I Need to Say, charting on the Top 40 Roots Music Report. The latter also obtained spot #2 on the Hits You Love pop charts, and both music videos were nominated and chosen for many film festivals, such as the Indie’s Best Films Festival, the Jersey Shore Film Festival, and the Monkey Bread Tree Film Festival (an IMDB-sanctioned film festival). 

Things to Come is Parsons’ most recent album release, with the title track calling the listener to remember the good times that bring a sense of nostalgia. It sets the tone for the rest of the album, showing a vulnerable and stripped-back musician who reflects on the concepts of life and love. The easy-going and captivating melodies are laced with stories woven throughout that are personal yet relatable at the same time. 

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The latest single drop, “Something Other Than You Are”, creates images that can’t help but form a bigger picture of the beautiful things to be found in the world. A man considering the benefits of being something other than a human to get close to his love, Parsons sings, “And if I was a bird, make me a cardinal bright and red/I’d fly by your window, every chance I’d get”. 

The tune describes the feeling of knowing you could be a better version of yourself or be there for those around you more if you had the features that are displayed throughout nature. Parsons then switches views in the bridge, singing, “What if you felt like enough, what if everybody did/What if everything was perfect, just the way it is”. The song is a journey of discovering who you are and want to be, yet knowing that everything in creation has its purpose.

Parsons’ whole album has a way of calling listeners to just sit still, reflect, and simply enjoy the music. 

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