The Trouble Notes Pay Tribute To Immigration Voyages With Cinematic Video Single ‘Liberty Awaits’

The Trouble Notes retell the epic tale of the Trans-Atlantic voyage with their latest video single, “Liberty Awaits,” stringing traditional folk, modern classical, and tribal dance styles together for an awe-inspiring display of creativity and talent. 

While Berlin-based, each of the The Trouble Notes’ members come from different countries and come with their own unique musical perspectives from their respective cultures. Violinist Bennet Cervan, guitarist Florian Eisenschmidt, and percussionist Oliver Maguire have formed a crossroads of raw acoustic energy with rhythms and themes of new-age music that have helped them fulfill their mission to reduce cultural barriers and form their own musical universe. 

“Liberty Awaits” is their second release this year, and has distinguished itself as an upbeat folk anthem that entrances listeners into an emotional soundscape. The track was inspired by Cervan’s late grandfather, Leon English, and his own Trans-Atlantic journey fleeing Ireland during the Great Famine.

The song brings listeners full circle, with the re-emergence of folk dance, but with more nuance this time. “I wanted to capture that Epic trans-Atlantic voyage filled with hope, anxiety, desperation and courage in the composition,” says Cerven.

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The song reconstructs English’s journey through moments of melancholy demonstrated by a haunting strings sections that accelerates into musical celebration when the final destination is reached, and the song reaches climactic rhythms and melodies. The single features Ecuadorian singer Carola Zerega and her moving vocals that helps tell her own experiences of traveling overseas seeking new life and new land. 

The music video for the track pays further homage to the diverse experiences of immigrant voyagers and the valleys and peaks experienced by those performing the journey.

Photo by Stefanie Tendler

The cinematic short itself was filmed in three different countries and features images of over-labored farmers digging on fruitless lands in Ireland as well as the celebrations amongst those who survived the overseas journey and bring their traditions to their new homes. The video also includes shots filmed on a boat similar to those that brought over the immigrants that inspired this piece. As a whole, it paints a picture of sympathy and empathy towards the plight of the immigrant simply looking for a better life, and often going through difficult obstacles to do so.

Hailing from the United Kingdom, The Trouble Notes has built musical bridges between cultures with their self-described “Acoustic Dance Music.” The group utilizes the organic sounds of traditional folk music in compositions that feature principles from more modern contemporary/roots pieces.

The band has proudly built its diverse audience independently, known colloquially as “The Troublemakers” — a testament to their self-made success story that has led to significant festival appearances, multiple film scores, and an extensive tour schedule spanning the globe.

As The Trouble Notes continue to travel across countries and break musical and cultural boundaries, their unique and inherently human message is one that should be heard and acknowledged.

Featured photo by Stefanie Tendler

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