Susquehanna Boogie: Philly Rockers Electric Candlelight Drop Fierce New Single ‘Don’t Turn’

“Supergroups” immediately strike a chord of intrigue.

Every once in a while, a group of musicians who’ve already had the experience of getting battered on the road get together to create something magic. The newest group to try their hand at this experiment is the gritty garage and blues rock band, Electric Candlelight.

The explosive Philly supergroup has gained major traction since their pretty recent inception. With blues in their veins and rock in their soul, the band was stage and studio-ready before they even went into their first rehearsal. Led by vocalist Owen Stewart from Ruby The Hatchet, Electric Candlelight is made up of four members from past bands. This includes Justin Pittney on guitar – formerly of Residuals and Moon Women, Max Jonas from Tough Shits on bass, Joshua Aaron from The Lawsuits on drums, and Ali Awan on guitar.

The group wanted to capture that raw, animalistic energy you can only get at a live show. The love for this sound was put to tape on April 21st, 2021 with the single, “Another Year Gone By.” From there, the group released three more singles. Their newest, “Don’t Turn” was released on February 16th of this year. 

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“Don’t Turn” jumps immediately into 5th gear, with the sounds of echoed fuzz guitars, deep rumbling bass, and shifting complex drums leading the song forward. When Stewart enters his gravelly belting voice adds to the raw energy the group is laying down.

To me, the drums sound almost more inspired by krautrock than blues or garage rock, though not that the styles are light years apart. Both guitars are pure fire, not letting up the entire track. The refrain of, “Don’t turn my head around, don’t turn my head,” comes in right when the energy of the track hits its apex.

The track ends with every instrument playing a lead part. Both guitars start to shred, the bass steps out with strong melodic licks, and the drums play constant fills until the entire track fades out. An explosive way to finish this already hard-hitting track.

Electric Candlelight’s sound definitely supports the super-group moniker. Every member is playing at the absolute peak of their ability, giving this track an energy and rawness not often heard these days.

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